Varsity football coach receives meaningful gift of players’ voices for 65th birthday

October 9, 2009


When Robert Wood, a varsity football coach, said goodbye to his seniors at his team’s annual award celebration, it also happened to be his 65th birthday. On that meaningful day, he received a nostalgic 65th birthday keepsake that was far more meaningful than any football trophy his players or fellow coaches could ever give him. He received a special CD filled with the voices of his colleagues, his graduating players, and their parents, expressing their thanks and warm wishes. The recordings ranged from funny to sentimental, and showed him how much he had meant to his team.

“I go out there and urge my players to make me proud every day. I’ve always focused on the players, and when they gave me this gift it demonstrated how much my coaching meant to them personally”.

The players and their parents wanted to give the coach a fun present that was very personal. But, with frantic schedules, the players and their parents knew that the group gift would have to be easy for everyone to contribute to.

The present the coach received is called LifeOnRecord.

Team mom, Sue Mann, got the idea when her husband gave her a LifeOnRecord CD as a nostalgic birthday gift.

The process is simple: family and friends call a toll-free number and are directed to record a favorite memory, story or wish. There’s no limit on the number of callers that can phone-in or on the total number of recordings you receive. You can download the recordings for free to your computer using iTunes so that you can make your own CD, or LifeOnRecord can create a keepsake CD with a personalized label and metal case. An unlimited plan with free download capability into iTunes costs $49.99, or an unlimited plan with a keepsake CD costs $74.98.

It is a unique, affordable service that allows you to create a highly personal gift with ease.

“The players and their families that gave me this gift mean a lot to me, and this is the perfect way for me to remember them and their impact after my coaching days are over. The mom who organized and put this together is my hero”.

If you’d like to be a hero to your loved one, you can purchase LifeOnRecord and give them a special birthday present.

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