When it’s cold outside, gear up with Under Armour Cold Gear

October 25, 2009


You walk outside and find out it’s a rainy day. Gasp. The big game is today. No chances of getting postponed.

Whether the course is dry or wet, the golf tour is on. Every athlete knows how important it is to be prepared. The golfer’s primary advantage with this product is its ergonomics. It allows free mobility in all direction. The conventional gears tend to drag you down with its heavy weight. Its restrictiveness hinders a full blown swing which might have cost you your winning streak. This is the exact reason why every golfer assures they have a complete set of apparels stored in their closets.

Under Armour has stunned the industry after introducing a different feel to golf garments. Lose the cotton / wool; make way for stretchable, lightweight tights. It sounded weird at first. But after an amazing performance in tours with Hunter Mahan, it proved a point so undeniable.

When it rains

Fact is, a game on a freezing day is torture. Golf is a game of wit, focus and precision. And obviously, it is intricate to strategize while shivering. It could be compared to serving two gods.

While Under Armour reigns in sun protective suits, their line of rainwear is superb as well. Under Armour golf Cold Gear utilizes same principle with the heat gear only it provides thermal warmth for a cozier feel.

It is made mostly of high durable Poly Armour carefully combined with elastic Nylour and Elastane. Joint, these materials produce the most flexible golf cold garment there is in the market. Even under the rain, you could stretch your arms and limbs to a full serve without the pinch.

Under Armour Cold Gear enables the golfer to be at his best in spite the chilly environment. Unlike other rainwear, this garment adjusts to your gaming style allowing you to flourish in comfort and style under the rainy skies.

From long sleeves to pants, Under Armour Cold Gear supplies it all the golfers need. May be a little expensive for some, but quality is something we shouldn’t deny ourselves.

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