Why is it so Hard to Purchase Manchester United Tickets?

September 23, 2009


Until recently it was easier to buy Manchester United Tickets. Things are different now, and Manchester United have become a commodity for which there is great demand.

The Premier League season is about to start, and promises to be one of the most exciting seasons ever. The defending champions, Manchester United are once again the favorite to win the title for the fourth year in a row, however, teams such as Liverpool, Chelsea, and Arsenal will pose a huge challenge.

Interest in Manchester United has never been higher even without Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez. In July Manchester United did a preseason trip through Asia where they drew more than 200,00 spectators. Every year the number of passionate supporters of Manchester United, already one of the most popular teams in the world, seems to grow.

The increase in popularity has a downside though:  it has become harder and harder to buy Manchester United tickets. Although Manchester United has one of the biggest stadiums in the United Kingdom, (with a total capacity of 76,212), games are almost always sold out and their tickets have become very hard to get due to a number of factors.

The team has a huge group of season ticket holders, so that for every game, there are very few tickets available. This is very evident when it comes to the big games against Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, the local derby with Manchester City, and some of the Champions League matches against the other top teams in Europe. Any free tickets are made available to its United One members, who can enter a lottery for every game they want to attend. One United membership is open to anyone who pays the annual fee, but because there are few tickets available, someone winning tickets through the lottery is very fortunate.

It is not likely that the supply of Manchester United tickets will increase in the near future. There are no current plans to increase the capacity of Old Trafford, and given how well the team is playing (three Premier League titles in a row, Champions League Winner in 2006/2007 and Runner-up in 2007/2008), its fan base is unlikely to decrease.

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