Youth Football Holds the Key To Many Valuable Life Lessons

October 25, 2009


Football for kids have been around for many years. My home is a small town in Ohio where both of my boys play football. Their father coaches their team. When their father was a child he played on the same football team and his father coached his team.

Our youth football teams have a game every Saturday and they have practice every evening during the week. At times I am amazed why I am consumed with this for two months during the fall, but the truth is I know why. Playing football taught my boys lessons that could not be taught in the class room. Every fall, these lessons are learned and practiced and these lessons will help my boys not only now, but the rest of their lives.


Hard Work Pays Off

Every night my boys are pushed to work hard and do their very best. Goofing off by the kids is not tolerated by the coaches and if they choose to do that they are not put in the game to play. The boys learn quickly that the coaches will stick to their guns and that they are not joking. At the end of the season, if is difficult to find a child who is not trying his very best. They all know if they show their coach that they are doing their best at practice, they will get more game time.


You Don’t Always Win, but Winning Feels Good!

Sugar coating life to my kids is not something I believe will help them in their future. Congragulating your kids for almost accomplishing something is a way to set them up for failure in life. Have you ever been congratulated for almost making a sale but not quite getting it?

My boys have learned that they can’t win every time. They have also learned that they don’t like to lose. A lesson my boys have learned is to give it your all to win. This is one of the most valuable lessons they could ever learn.


The Value of Teamwork

Youth Football h as taught my boys the value of team work. They have learned that a group of people is the primary ingredient to make things happen. Asking for help with a task is something my kids have learned to do if they cannot accomplish it on their own.

This is a concept my kids will use throughtout their adult lives. Many jobs require that employees be able to work well with others. Teamwork is a valuable skill in the work place. Employees that work as a team will make their companies more profitable.


Be Accountable For your Actions

Many children have a hard time being accountable for their actions. They are quick to come up with an excuse as to why they did something.

Through football, my kids have learned to be accountable for their actions. They need to own up to it if they do something that causes the team to get penalized. Placing blame on someone else does not work.



Football has taught my children that they must be responsible. For practice and games, they need to show up every day in full equipment. If not they will have to suffer the consequences (i.e. running the stairs).e. Running Laps). This is an important lesson that will pay off as the reach adulthood.

To encourage the team for their hard work and dedictaion, the coaches usually give the team football team gifts at the end of the season.Thanking the coaches by giving them a personalized football coaches gift is one way the kids can let the coaches know they appreciate all the hard work and dedication.

Taking lessons from football and incorporating them into other areas of their lives can help the kids for many years.


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