Youth Soccer Coaching Training: How To Build Teamwork

November 8, 2009


Coaching Youth Soccer Drills

In youth soccer coaching drills, teamwork can be a stone in your foot that is not easy to remove. Building teamwork is one of the critical elements to teach youth soccer with success. You must be aware that the game of soccer is a team sport and is ruled by the combination of efforts of all players.

Sometimes the most talented players are used to worry only about themselves and that can harm the harmony of the group and also the success of the team. Usually when that’s the case the team can’t achieve a common long term goal.

Important soccer coaching tip: Teamwork starts to be present when each and every player understands that he’s just a piece of the engine – the team. This represents that each kid has his own contribution to the team, and all are important in equal parts. Another important aspect to consider is that you should praise the all team when things go well and blame them all too when things go wrong. Your players must learn to face mistakes and errors as a team. When player A makes a mistake – this is a mistake of the team, not that particular player. No single player should be blamed- everyone should understand what went wrong and what needs to be fixed.

Develop teamwork by getting everyone involved and not by ignoring some kids just because they are shy or do not have good skills. Do a few simple activities that would encourage the team to work together and be involved- though they don’t have to be friends, everyone does need to understand that the team only works when everyone is involved.

Be alert for those bad apples that will try to break the harmony of the team. You can’t allow some players to make their own rules. Deal with this cases openly and make sure you let them know that you’re alert and that you’ll not allow it. Let your players know that they can talk to you at any time if they have problems. Communication goes a long way in building a sense of team spirit.

Keep the motivational levels of your team high by letting them create some kind of winning dance or song that they can perform before games. Having team badges or shirts is another great way to kindle the spirit of belonging among your players. If you see your players off the field wearing their team badge or shirt, you can be sure they have plenty of team spirit and are proud of it.

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