College Football Pick Alabama at South Carolina 10-09-2010

October 8, 2010


Alabama Crimson Tide at South Carolina Gamecocks

Saturday October 9th, 2010

Line: Alabama -7 1/2


The Crimson Tide have dominated every opponent they have faced this year. It’s impressive, considering they have played three ranked opponents already. The number ten Razorbacks were the only team to come within a touchdown of victory. They dominate on both sides of the ball and are easily the best team in the nation. South Carolina isn’t a push over. They had a tough loss last week against a physical Auburn team. The Gamecocks don’t have any time to feel sorry for themselves, though. They are going to be in for a rough Saturday if they decide to have a pity party.

Keys to the Game:

  • The Tide need to welcome freshman Marcus Lattimore to college football. Thus far, Lattimore has been everything South Carolina expected him to be. He’s big, fast, physical, and productive. Unfortunately, so is the Alabama defense. Lattimore struggled against Auburn’s physical defense. It won’t be any easier this week for him. It is up to the Alabama defensive line to completely break his will. He is the one guy on the other side that has the ability to take over a football game.
  • South Carolina is vulnerable against the run. Last week, they showed their kryptonite is a big smash mouth offensive line. Alabama doesn’t need to change a thing they are doing. Running power running plays with an enormous offensive line, a Heisman winner, and a running back who has averaged over seven yards a carry shouldn’t be too out of character for the Tide. Trent Richardson is a capable back. The Gamecocks can expect to get a heavy dose of Trent Richardson and Mark Ingram all game long. Alabama has the luxury of having fresh legs in the backfield at all times. They have two first class running backs and both can have a big day in this one.
  • Stephen Garcia has been playing fantastic football, but he won’t be able to cope after going up against a defense with no vulnerabilities. Garcia is a good quarterback. He is sound mechanically and he has the ability to lead a football team. I’m not sure how he will handle being pressured by Alabama’s front seven, having no run game to go to, and having his receivers in tight coverage across the field. Maybe all of these variables won’t happen throughout the entire game, but at some point, they will. It is important he remains level headed. If he loses his cool, the wheels are going to fall off.

Wrap up:

Roll Tide. Alabama hasn’t really hit a blip all year long. They are a well oiled machine and South Carolina just happened to show they are vulnerable by losing to Auburn last week. South Carolina may play well at home and Alabama had a close one on the road against Arkansas, but this one is going to be at least a ten point differential.

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