College football pick South Carolina at Auburn 9-25-10

September 24, 2010


South Carolina Gamecocks at Auburn Tigers

Saturday September 25, 2010 7:45 EST

Line: South Carolina +3

Steve Spurrier leads the #12 Gamecocks into Alabama to take on the #17 Auburn Tigers. Although they are ranked higher, the Gamecocks are still a three point underdog to the Tigers. Part of this is due to South Carolina playing away, but Auburn’s physical play and impressive ground game fearing the Tigers.

Keys to the Game

  • South Carolina needs to be competitive in the trenches. The strength of Auburn is up front, especially on defense. Auburn’s defensive line is relentless and a flustered Steven Garcia will spell disaster if the Gamecocks do not find a way to neutralize Auburn. Since there is no way they will be able to compete physically, using quick slants and bubble screens could be a way to get the Auburn defense out of kill mode. If you see Steven Garcia hang onto the ball for very long, you will certainly see him on the turf.
  • Auburn has to control the chaos. So far Auburn has set the tempo in their games this season. If the Gamecocks try to out muscle the Tigers, they will surely lose. Steve Spurrier is no fool though. His game plan will be an attempt to have the Tigers beat themselves. Over pursuit could spell disaster. Offensively, Auburn should see little problem charging ahead, but defensively, they need to harness their aggression and play smart football.
  • South Carolina MLB Josh Dickerson needs to play sideline to sideline. Surely, Auburn is going to send offensive lineman to the second level. If Dickerson finds himself in a battle with a guard, Auburn will have no trouble running right through the Gamecocks. If the middle is stout, Auburn will be forced to bounce their plays outside. Sealing the edge isn’t going to be an easy task and outside contain is sure to be broken on more than one occasion. Dickerson needs to come to the aide of his outside linebackers.
  • Marcus Lattimore is going to show the country why he was one of the most highly recruited players in the country. Lattimore has big play potential. He is a true freshman, but you wouldn’t know if you popped in his tape against Georgia where he gained 182 yards. His versatility allows him to take whatever a defense gives him. I don’t expect the Tigers to lay down, but Lattimore is a play maker who is looking to have his third consecutive big week. If the O-line holds up, Lattimore can play just as physical as the Tigers.
  • This one comes down to coaching to me. Spurrier gets the nod. The Gamecocks are playing for respect, which could be dangerous for the Tigers. As long as they don’t get sucked into Auburn’s game, they should win outright.

Free College Football Pick: South Carolina +3

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