Free NFL Pick: Arizona at Minnesota 11-07-2010

November 4, 2010


Arizona Cardinals at Minnesota Vikings

Sunday November 7th, 2010

Line: Minnesota -10


After losing three of their last four, the 3-4 Arizona Cardinals come into this game as heavy underdogs. It is surprising to see a double digit spread, when the favorite is the 2-5 Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings have also lost three of their last four, though their schedule has been brutal, especially through that four game stretch. Is Minnesota really that much better than Arizona?

Keys to the Game:

  • No Moss. The Minnesota Vikings got their feelings hurt and drove their number one receiver out of town. Now, they have to wait for Sydney Rice to get back to 100 percent before anyone fears their passing game. Percy Harvin was starting to come on, but he isn’t best when he is looked upon as ‘the guy’. Minnesota went from a championship mentality, to panic mode when they signed moss, and now they are in a state of defeat. Everybody knows they aren’t going to the playoffs. They have an aura around Minnesota that likens the Dallas Cowboys. Will they respond as Dallas did last week when they gave up on their home field against the Jaguars? The Vikings are in a similar situation, which could mean the Cardinals are going to pull off an upset.
  • Somebody wheel Favre onto the field. Brett Favre is a sitting duck. He has been teed off on all season long. He has elbow tendonitis, a broken ankle, and received stitches on his chin last week. While Brett Favre isn’t viewed as a mobile quarterback, the Vikings have big plays when Favre gets outside the pocket. He has been mediocre all year, which is a complete transformation from the magic we saw last year. Favre is concerned with his streak, regardless of what he tells the media. With all hope of recapturing a Super Bowl, will we see Brett Favre decline, if that’s even possible at this point? He is on track to throw the least amount of touchdowns since he has been a starting quarterback in the NFL, along with the worst quarterback rating, and he has already thrown four more interceptions than all of last year. The Vikings should have left Favre in Mississippi.
  • You will be hard pressed to find a worse quarterback situation than the Arizona Cardinals. Max Hall has thrown one touchdown, five picks, and has a QB rating of 41. Derek Anderson, who will get the start this week, has four touchdowns, seven picks, and a 62.8 QB rating. This season, the Cardinals have tried to pick between the lesser of two evils, but neither quarterback has shown they can lead the football team. Anderson is a veteran who makes rookie mistakes, but those mistakes are also present when undrafted rookie free agent Max Hall is in the game. The Cardinals never should have cut Matt Leinart. The decision was premature and the organization simply wasn’t ready to make the move. Ken Whisenhunt will continue to watch his quarterbacks struggle to get the ball to his receivers, even though one of his receivers happens to be Larry Fitzgerald.
  • As much as the passing game has struggled in Minnesota, the run game is unbelievable. Adrian Peterson leads the NFL with 776 yards. He is the heart and sole of the Minnesota Vikings once again. Teams can feel comfortable loading up the box, without having to worry about Brett Favre taking advantage. The Cardinals give up 143.1 yards a game on the ground, so it’s safe to say that Peterson is set to have a huge game.
  • The Cardinals need to figure out what they are good at. They are at the bottom of the league when it comes to throwing the ball, running the ball, defending the pass, and defending the run. The strength of their team is obviously Larry Fitzgerald, but they can’t direct snap him the ball every play. Despite being horrendous at just about everything, the Cardinals are still a game and a half out of first place in their division. A win in Minnesota and a loss in Seattle puts them in a three way tie for first with the Rams and Seahawks. It is scary to think that the Cardinals could make the playoffs and the Colts could miss the playoffs.

Wrap Up:

I’m not sure why the Vikings are being given so much credit. This is a team that is complete disarray. Since the Randy Moss experiment went wrong, it seems as though the Vikings don’t have anything to hope for. They are falling way behind in their division. Brett Favre will probably retire after this season is over, assuming he makes it to the end. While the Cardinals are terrible, so are the Vikings. Unfortunately, I will be tuned in. Adrian Peterson is going to have a monster game in all likelihood, but the Vikings aren’t going to blow anyone out in this one.

Free NFL Pick: Arizona +10

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