Free NFL Picks Green Bay at Washington 10-10-2010

October 10, 2010


Green Bay Packers at Washington Redskins

October 10th, 2010 1:00 PM EST

Line: Green Bay-3


The 3-1 Packers travel to Washington D.C. to take on the 2-2 Redskins. Donovan McNabb seemed to be the right catalyst in the Redskins locker room, but after getting served a loss from the Rams, people questioned the Redskins. Bouncing back last week to defeat Philadelphia on the road was critical. The Packers keep having tight games with teams they are superior to. When are they going to pull it together and look like the team that destroyed Buffalo?

Keys to the Game:

  • Donovan McNabb is going to become very familiar with Clay Matthews. Teams are trying to game plan and Matthews is starting to look more human, but you better believe that every quarterback that faces the Packers knows that he is somewhere. The Viking with linebacker speed and defensive line moves has quarterbacks getting rid of the ball just a tad bit quicker. The Redskins have rookie Trent Williams at left tackle. You better believe the Packers are going to hit him with every look they have in hopes of putting McNabb on the ground. Chris Cooley is strongest when he is running routes. By leaving him in to help out with the blocking scheme, you take away a sure handed target from McNabb. This is going to be a match up to watch. It’s time to grow up quick for Williams.
  • Injuries are going to be critical in this one. Nick Barnett is out for the year, which takes away from a run defense that has already struggled. You might think that the Redskins would be elated by this news, but the injury bug hit them as well, knocking Clinton Portis out for a good part of the season. I will call both of these injuries a wash, though I feel the Redskins get the worst end of the stick in this game. Portis would have been a nice player to hand the ball off to in case McNabb struggles.
  • The Packers are no longer a complete football team, but the Redskins never were. The Packers were my pick to be the representative of the NFC in the Super Bowl. One Ryan Grant injury later and they look flustered. John Kuhn and Brandon Jackson have done their best to fill in for the injured back, but they pose no real threat to opposing defenses. Aaron Rodgers looks comfortable and collected, but not having a back that he can rely on is throwing off the offense. The Redskins lost Portis, which hurts, but they weren’t nearly the caliber offense the Packers were. They have the quarterback, sure. Green Bay has a young core group of receivers that have exploded on the scene. With Jermichael Finley making a splash, Rodgers doesn’t have a shortage of targets.

Wrap up:

The Packers looked bad against the Lions last week, but the Redskins don’t have any receiver with the physical tools that Calvin Johnson has. Santana Moss won’t be giving Charles Woodson fits this week. If the Redskins can’t get it going on the ground, they aren’t going to be able to get it going at all. With Portis out, they are going to struggle. Poor timing. The Packers get the nod.

Free NFL Pick: Packers -3

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