Free NFL Picks: New York Giants at Philadelphia 11-21-2010

November 19, 2010


New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles

Sunday November 21st, 2010 8:30 PM EST

Line: Philadelphia -4


This game is going to be key in deciding the winner of the NFC East. After the Eagles flat out embarrassed the Redskins last week, this is a two team battle at this point. The 6-3 Giants looked like the best team in the NFC up until last week, but a dismal performance against the lowly Cowboys has everyone second guessing.

Meanwhile, the 6-3 Eagles are downright demolishing teams. After beating the Colts and humiliating the Redskins by 31, the Eagles look like the team to beat in the NFC East all of the sudden. Both teams are tied at the top, so this game will decide who takes the reigns in the division.

Keys to the Game:

  • It won’t be too long before Philadelphia breaks out T shirts that say “I am a witness”. Michael Vick has taken over the NFL. He is the biggest threat with his legs in NFL history at the quarterback position. What has made this season for Vick so magical is his ability to throw the ball down field. He may not be a pocket passer, but makes huge plays. His bomb to DeSean Jackson to begin the game was a thing of beauty and Vick built on that throw the entire game. He has the highest quarterback rating at 115.1 and shows no signs of slowing down.
  • The Giants could have the best defensive line in football. With Osi Umenyiora leading the charge, the Giants are accustomed to dominating the line of scrimmage. While they should still win the battle up front, they can’t attack Vick with their ears pinned back. They need to watch for the LeSean McCoy screen and be careful not to let Vick take advantage of broken plays with his legs.
  • Who can cover DeSean Jackson deep? While Vick shouldn’t have all day to throw the ball, the DeSean Jackson 50 yard go route only requires a few seconds for Vick to stay protected. Jackson had 98 yards in his last outing. The amazing part of that game was that he only had two catches. He is the ultimate deep threat and if the Giants don’t give him a serious cushion, they will pay dearly. Jeremy Maclin is seeing big time numbers and Jackson is a huge part of that.
  • Ahmad Bradshaw has done considerably well for himself this season, but since the bye week he hasn’t looked himself. After rushing for over five yards a carry for the first portion of the season, he has been held in check since the bye week. Bradshaw needs to get back on track this week. He is too important to the Giants offense to be off. While Brandon Jacobs provides help in the run game, everything revolves around Bradshaw.

Key Matchup:

Hakeem Nicks Vs. Asante Samuel

  • Hakeem Nicks has racked up 735 yards this season. He is a rangy receiver and Eli Manning uses him like he used to utilize Plaxico Burress. Nicks can easily break for 100 yards. Having Mario Manningham on the other side has allowed him to be in the number one role, without having the entire defense watching his every move. The Giants love to run the ball, but their stellar passing game makes them a complete offense.
  • Asante Samuel has four picks in his last four games. For whatever reason, when experts talk about the best corners in the game, his name is left off the list. Samuel is good enough to make plays on the ball, but not so feared that noone throws the ball at him. Look for him to come away with an interception in this one.

Wrap Up:

I thought the Giants were going to emerge as the team to beat in the NFC, but that team seems to change every single week. After an embarrassing outing last week, they need to begin the road to redemption with a win at Philadelphia, but it won’t come easy. Philadelphia is far and away the most explosive team in the NFL. They have a number of players who can take the ball for six at any given moment. For that reason, I can’t see the Giants slowing them down, especially at home.

Free NFL Pick: Philadelphia -4

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