Free NFL Picks New York Jets at Denver 10-17-2010

October 14, 2010


New York Jets at Denver Broncos

Sunday October 17th, 2010 4:05 PM EST

Line: New York Jets -3


The Jets are playing at a level that is almost unmatched throughout the league. They lost by one to the Ravens, but have since steamrolled every single team they have faced. By the way, a couple of those teams were the Vikings and the Patriots. The Broncos are 2-3. They beat the Titans, lost to the Jaguars, and haven’t had one game decided by the three point margin given in the line this week. We know who the Jets are, but who are the Broncos?

Keys to the Game:

  • The Broncos average 333 yards a game, have the leagues number one wide receiver in Brandon Lloyd, and have Kyle Orton on pace to break 2000 yards by the end of this match up. Darrelle Revis is wounded. Whether or not he will play is unclear, but if he does decide to play, he will not be in his usual coverage. Running up and down the field with Lloyd isn’t going to be good for his hamstring. The Jets need to give Revis help in coverage down the field. Playing man to man play after play isn’t going to be effective this week. The Jets already have the number one rush defense in the league. The Broncos pose no real threat on the ground, so jumping into a nickle look isn’t going to be disastrous for the Jets.
  • The Jets have the number one rushing offense, again. Ladanian Tomlinson is the comeback player of the year. The Jets stole him from the Chargers, who saw him as expendable. L.T. is the L.T. of old. Shonn Greene is coming on and is a good second back. This is Tomlinson’s team though and he is adding to his hall of fame resume with every carry. The Jets are built on a few basic principles. 1) Seek and destroy everything that moves on offense. 2) Run the ball down the other team’s throat against their will. 3) Tell everyone about it. Last year they did all three, but fell short in the playoffs. This year, it looks like they are going to duplicate their success on the ground, on defense, and on the microphone.
  • Mark Sanchez is still perfect. No picks through the entire year puts his team in a position to do whatever they want offensively. The Jets made it a priority to get Sanchez help on offense after they selected him fourth overall in the draft. They brought Braylon Edwards, a hall of fame running back, and a Super Bowl MVP in Santonio Holmes. By collecting talent on offense, Sanchez doesn’t have to make plays. His job is to allow other players on his team to make plays. By getting the ball into the hands of the talent and making safe decisions, Sanchez is going to have a simple and happy career. Last year, he was scrutinized for turning the ball over and trying to do too much. Now, he has become exactly what the Jets need at quarterback. He is solid enough to have the respect of his team. He doesn’t lose game by being careless. Most importantly, he puts his team in a position to win football games.

Wrap Up:

Three points? The Broncos either win by a lot or lose by a lot. Given that the Jets are one of if not the most feared teams in all of football, three points isn’t nearly enough. Eight points would have made this decision more trying. Too easy. Jets win big.

Free NFL Pick: New York Jets -3

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