Free NFL Picks Seattle at Chicago 10-17-2010

October 13, 2010


Seattle Seahawks at Chicago Bears

Sunday October 17th, 2010 1:00 PM EST

Line: Chicago -6 1/2


The 2-2 Seahawks come off their bye week an go into Chicago to square off against the 4-1 Chicago Bears. The Seahawks were embarrassed in their last game after being dismantled by the Rams. They will look to bounce back against a Bears team who ran away with a victory last week against 0-5 Carolina. The only problem? Jay Cutler is back in the lineup.

Keys to the Game:

  • The Bears can win in different ways when they need to. Last week, when Cutler was out after suffering a concussion after being dropped by the Giants nine times in one half, Todd Collins took the reigns. He was later knocked out in the same game, but returned the following week against the Panthers. The Bears quickly realized they would need to utilize other weapons within the offense to be effective. They turned to Matt Forte, who did not disappoint. Forte racked up 166 yards on 22 carries. He looked like he was the back everyone thought he would be when Cutler first came on the scene. The Panthers are awful on defense, but the performance was admirable nonetheless. The Seahawks are much better against the run than the pass, so look for them to utilize Cutler on Sunday. Forte’s performance provided reassurance to his coaching staff. If the Bears need to call on him to make something happen, he can deliver.
  • Julius Peppers is going to absolutely destroy Seattle. They have only given up nine sacks this year, but they have yet to face an elite pass rusher. They have one now. Peppers can do everything. He blocks kicks, punishes quarterbacks, stops the run, forces fumbles, causes safeties, you name it, Peppers has done it. Matt Hasselbeck is brittle. It isn’t going to be long before Peppers starts taking advantage of Seattle’s young tackles. The Seahawks are not only going to be pressured by the defensive line exclusively, they will being pressured by one man. On every single play. This will allow the Bears to drop their linebackers into coverage while still forcing quick throws out of Hasselbeck. The combination is lethal.
  • Seattle has had two weeks to prepare for the Bears and they needed every minute of it, after putting up three on the Rams. The Rams have an improved defense, but they don’t have an elite defense. Being held to three points by anyone is horrifying. The fact that it came out of St. Louis is down right ugly. 191 yards and a pick mad Hasselbeck’s quarterback rating a 58.9. Seattle also couldn’t get it going on the ground. Seattle is going to have to find at least one aspect of their offense they can be proud of. One look at the Chicago tape and you realize their vulnerability is offensive line. They’ve given up a league worst 21 sacks. If they want to keep Cutler in the game, his jersey will need to stay clean. Suffering multiple concussions in a season doesn’t bode well for the career of your franchise quarterback. Compared to the Giants, the Seahawks are a walk in the park as far as pas rushing is concerned. It is going to be interesting to see if Seattle can take advantage of the holes in the Bears offensive line. I would expect Jay Cutler to get the ball out of his hands a little faster this week than he did when they faced New York, He doesn’t want to end up being evaluated again.

Wrap Up:

Seattle is unproven. They are fantastic at home, because Qwest field is one of the loudest and most difficult places to play in the entire NFL. They have also been blown out both times they played on the road. The Broncos and Rams both show improvements this season, but saying they should blow anyone away by 17 points is a stretch. Seattle needs to figure out how to play on the road one day. That day will just not be Sunday.

Free NFL Pick: Chicago -6 1/2

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