Free NFL Picks Tennessee at New York Giants 9-26-2010

September 25, 2010


Tennessee Titans at New York Giants

September 26, 2010 1 PM EST

Line: New York -3

Matchups to Watch

  • Titans rush attack Vs. Giants rush defense: The Giants went to a defense that protected them against the big pass. Peyton Manning wasn’t phased or impressed, destroying the Giants and little brother Eli through the air. What was surprising was that Joseph Addai was cutting through the Giants defense on the ground. True, the Giants will gear up for the Titans run and not their pass, but their rush attack is light years ahead of the Colts. Vince Young and Chris Johnson will surely find any weakness in the defense. CJ is still looking for a huge game to get him one step closer to the NFL single season rushing record he eyed all off season. If the Giants come with the same mentality as they did last weak, they don’t stand a chance.
  • Vince Young Vs. Himself: Vince Young needs to start running the ball again. Vince Young dropping back and going through his progressions trying to pick apart a defense is out of character. Last year, the Titans turned around their season by creating confusion. They are one of the few teams in the NFL to run the option read with any kind of success. Keeping the defense confused and using the most athletic QB running back tandem in the league is going to win football games. Vince Young is great at being himself and bad at being Tom Brady. Staying true to form is crucial in this outing. Last week was embarrassing for Vince. If the Titans wanted a quarterback who could throw average passes and lose games they would start Kerry Collins.
  • Ahmad Bradshaw Vs. Brandon Jacobs: Jacobs made it clear when he got benched that Bradshaw deserved to be the starter. One thing is clear, he is frustrated. Jacobs and Bradshaw be two thirds of the running back trio Earth, Wind, and Fire. They all brought different qualities as a runner that made them great at running the ball against almost every defense. The problem now is that Jacobs is showing he is frustrated with his minor role. He threw his helmet ten rows into the stands last week, whether it was meant to go into the stands or against the bench we will never know. His performance might be caused by his pride being hurt just a little bit. Ahmad Bradshaw continues to have success, and rather than helping each other, Jacobs could find himself competing against his teammate for carries.
  • The Giants wide receivers vs the Titans Corners: Cortland Finnegan had one good half of one season and has been grossly overrated ever since. The Titans as a whole, however, are the number one pass defense in the NFL to this point. The Giants have young receivers that show promise. Hakeem Nicks and Steve Smith could have big games if Eli can shake off last week. I don’t see Nicks repeating his three touchdown performance of week one, but I do see him getting open against the Titans defensive backs. Whether Steve Smith, Hakeem Nicks, or Mario Manningham create a mismatch down the field, Manning will be able to find them. Each receiver is capable of having a big day.
  • The Giants offensive line vs the Titans defensive line: Eli Manning never had a chance to throw the ball last week. Dwight Freeney was blowing past the Giants with ease on almost every play. Rookie Derrick Morgan isn’t Dwight Freeney, but the front seven won’t need to Blitz if the Giants haven’t corrected their mistakes from last week. The Giants will probably keep a running back or tight end in pass protection, but that limits them offensively. The Giants offensive line looked pathetic throughout the entire game and were the weakest link on the Giants during their pitiful performance last week. It isn’t time to panic, but a bad performance this week will show teams where they are soft.

I don’t think the Giants should be favored at all in this game. Some teams bounce back after a big loss and some teams stay down. The Giants are in disarray, and I don’t know they are ready to handle the speed that they are about to face. The Titans had a painful loss last week, but they weren’t embarrassed. I think Chris Johnson breaks loose for 150 yards. If he does, the Giants won’t have a shot. Titans win outright.

Free NFL Pick: Tennessee +3

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