Free NFL Picks San Diego at Seattle 9-26-2010

September 26, 2010


San Diego Chargers at Seattle Seahawks

September 26th, 2010 4:15 PM EST

Line: San Diego -4 1/2

Here we go again. Another game with one and one teams that look great one week and don’t show up the next week. Surely the Seahawks were hung over from beating the 49ers in week one while they got demolished by Denver. Maybe the Chargers weren’t expecting the Chiefs to put up a fight. Regardless, both teams are fighting to be over 500 this week.

Keys to the Game

  • Antonio Gates is going to get loose Putting rookie Earl Thomas on Antonio Gates might seem like a good match up, but Gates knows exactly what he is doing and Thomas is still very green in a lot of ways. He has filled in to the starting role exceptionally well, but Gates is a future hall of famer. Rivers is going to find Gates, especially in the red zone. The mismatches are inevitable.
  • The Seahawks have to know the Chargers are going to air it out. With Mike Tolbert being the feature back all of the sudden, the Chargers have problems in the backfield. They drafted Ryan Matthews in order to bring in a running back they thought could immediately have production as a workhorse type back. Unfortunately, their horse already has a broken leg (figuratively, not in actuality). The strength of their offense is in Philip Rivers, and the Seahawks should game plan as such.
  • Justin Forsett is due for a big game. He is averaging 5.8 yards a carry and has proven he can be an effective runner. The Seahawks need to feed him the ball if it is working. Whenever he gets touches it seems like he does something productive. He doesn’t even have a hundred yards on the season, but he has been impressive when he has gotten the opportunity.
  • Matt Hasselbeck is fragile. The Chargers front seven over the last few years has abused quarterbacks. Last year Hasselbeck went down with a back injury to the Niners. He is aging and his body is breaking down. He was a great quarterback once upon a time and he still shows flashes even today, but the Chargers have a solid chance at knocking him out of the game entirely if they put enough pressure on him. Sure, this might not seem like an ethical goal to have, but Hasselbeck is in the NFL. Football is a collision sport, and I don’t know how many more Hasselbeck has in him. It’s going to be something to watch throughout the season.

If the Seahawks look like they did against San Francisco, they could easily come away with a victory. I think they will look more like the team that played the Broncos. The Chargers have their problems, sure, but I don’t see them allowing Seattle to take advantage of them. This is a veteran team that won’t be intimidated by the noise at Qwest field. I thought the spread would be something more along the lines of 6, but 4 1/2 makes it easier to got with the Chargers.

Free NFL Pick: San Diego -4 1/2

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