June 27, 2009


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ok, a leading sports betting forum on the Internet, launches unique sports pick monitoring service for sports handicapping enthusiasts. Betting enthusiasts are always interested in reliable sports picks. Such information allows them to following winning cappers easily.

To obtain reliable sports picks, there are two common approaches that are known among the betting community. The first approach involves reading forums and following players daily picks. This approach means the bettor will take time and effort to conduct research, and based on assessment and “gut” feeling, place bets on potential winning teams.

The other approach is purchasing plays from sports handicapping websites online. But how do sports bettors know what they are buying or who they are buying from is a legitimate? They dont!

Recognizing the need to have 100% accurate tracked results, Bangthebook developed a unique sports pick monitoring service. This service is offered to both handicapping service providers, and individuals. They are free to use the monitoring site to track all their daily picks.

A sports monitoring service is not an entirely new concept on the Internet. However, bettors must be aware that sports picks may be unreliable when there is incentive for the service providers to skew sports prediction results. For example, a handicapping service may attempt to display unrealistic record of sports picks to try and entice bettors to sign up and purchase plays.

Bangthebook is proud to be offering a fully independent sports pick monitoring service. In other words, they have no affiliation with any handicapping service providers. Being independent means they have no reason to include inaccurate results. All records are 100% accurate.

An official spokesperson from Bangthebook commented, “Bangthebook is pleased to offer sports handicappers a 100% independent sports pick monitoring service. All plays are 100% accurate. No longer do sports betting enthusiasts have to worry about being scammed!”

In addition, the new website also features daily free picks, live odds, handicapping matchups, and sportsbook reviews. Such information is meant to help betting enthusiasts make better decisions. For instance, members can rely on fresh daily picks if they are unsure of which teams to bet.

To start using the monitoring service, all that needs to be done is to sign up for a new account on the website. Visitors can sign up either as individuals, or as handicapping services. A valid email address is required. Upon signing up, members will be able to login with their user names and passwords and start inputting picks. The picks will then be monitored accordingly based on 100% accurate scores.

Over time, the service will reveal the accuracy of the picks. Some handicapping services or individuals will eventually emerge with highly accurate predictions. Sports enthusiasts may then choose to depend on services or individuals with more accurate predictions.

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