2 Easy Ways to Make Money Online

June 2, 2009


Searching For Easy Ways to Make Money From Home?

Sometimes you need to make money fast by selling your writing services. With writers in exceptionally high demand, you should find this easy, but many people struggle. Let’s see how you can get cash streaming into your PayPal account. Use Online Classifieds Sites: Paid and Free. There are dozens of online classified sites, both paid and free. If you have a little money to invest, use the paid sites. You’ll get results faster. The benefit in using these sites is that they are indexed quickly, so you’ll start getting traffic to your ad and inquiries from buyers quickly.

Don’t stop at just one ad. Place a new ad for each of your services, or several ads, if it’s appropriate. You can’t repeat your ads on a single service, use your creativity and write new ads. The more ads you post, the more traffic and writing jobs you’ll get. Use Pay Per Click Advertising. Pay per click advertising works, however before you use it do read all the help files in your chosen program. You can lose a lot of money with pay per click advertising if you don’t know what you’re doing. However once you do know, any money you invest will be repaid many times over.

Some professional writers only use pay per click advertising to advertise their services. If this is your choice, realize that you be spending lots of money on advertising, and budget accordingly.

There are…and it doesn’t have to be newsworthy to get accepted, either! Many directories will take your “news” and publish it for you, giving you valuable links to your site, service or offer, and they’ll do it for free ( and fast!) as well.

Now if you do not have a website then don’t get discouraged, their are many ways for you to create a free website through blogs or web 2,0 properties such as a squidoo lenses and that is considered as good if not better then having you own website.

This means that you can cherry pick those jobs you want to do, and those jobs which pay well. Gradually you’ll build a stable of clients for whom you write every month. At this stage, searching for writing jobs will be a thing of the past. You’ll have more writing jobs than you can handle.

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