3 Types of Sushi To Make at Home

May 16, 2009


Sushi is a wonderful tasting Japanese meal that everybody has heard of, and of course tasted as well.  And if you are lucky, you have tasted at wonderful Sushi restaurant Temecula.

It is a great traditional dish that is usually made of rice, seaweed, and of course raw fish.

Now if you don’t like fish in the first place, of course you will not like sushi.But if the taste of seafood is something you love, then of course you will enjoy sushi.

Of course, most sushi is enjoyed in fine restaurants such as the one you can find at Sushi restaurant Lake Elsinore.You can taste and enjoy them in a Japanese style fast food restaurant.

Or you can enjoy them in more formal dining environments, like the one found at Sushi Restaurant Hemet.

Or best of all, you can enjoy them in an all you can eat style.

But if you are in an industrious mood, maybe you might even want to try your hand at making it at home.

Well here is a brief rundown of the 3 types of sushi you can make.

First type is the Maki sushi.  It is the usual that you are used to that consists of fish/seafood with rice that is then wrapped in nori or seaweed.Most well known is the California roll of course

Now within the Maki sushi there are two types.There is the Futomaki also known as the “fat maki” because you make it with 2 or more fillings of fish or seafood

Second type is the Hosomaki or the “thin maki” called that because it has only one filling of fish or seafood.But it may only be a single vegetable as well.

Next is the second type of sushi that is called the Nigiri sushi.This is another crowd favorite type of sushi which is a thin slice of raw fish placed on top of a chunk of rice that is rectangular.  There is nothing
that wraps it up such as seaweed, like the Maki sushi.

Finally there is the Uramaki, which can also be called the inside out sushi.  It is called inside out, because it is sort of the backwards version of the Maki, in the sense that the rice is on the outside with the nori on the inside.Also what you will find inside will be fish or a seafood.

There you have it.  3 wonderful types of sushi you can try your hand at making at home.

Of course, the best way to make this is to first try some at a local sushi restaurant so you can sample all 3 different styles and see how it is made and what the ingredients are.

So enjoy eating.

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