A Basic Intro to Roulette

June 23, 2009


For some people, sitting around and playing rummy card games all day is as close as they every want to get to the type of games played in casinos.  Rummy is a good example of a tame home game because most people think of cards when they think of the casinos, especially now that poker has become such a popular event on television for people at home to watch as the best in the world play off for million dollar jackpots. However, for sheer excitement there are few games in the casino which can match roulette.


The rules roulette has, however, can confuse people who haven’t played the game before. People see the excitement as a dozen people or more gather around that quintessential symbol of the Las Vegas Casino, the spinning roulette wheel, laying bets all over the felt that extends out from the wheel. However, many people have no idea what their options are or how to lay a bet on the roulette wheel. The associations that we have from watching movies or TV are only those of placing a bet on a single number which pays a huge return if your number happens to come up on the wheel, with the house winning almost every bet. However, the game is more complex than that, and you can make a variety of different bets, all of which pay out at different odds.


The rules of roulette are all based off paying the appropriate odds to any of the bets that you place on the table while maintaining the house edge. So, some sample bets you can make include the well known single number bet, which pays out at 35 to 1, the big jackpot in terms of roulette. You can also bet on the corner of four numbers, and then if you hit any of those four numbers you will be paid at a rate of 8:1. You can also put your chips on the line between two numbers to make a two number bet and be paid at 17:1. The options are too numerous to list all here, but you can also bet on any set of numbers being hit based on how they are laid out on the table, bet on odds or evens, reds or blacks, and as to whether the number hit will be in the low, middle, or high third of the numbers on the wheel.




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