A New Comer’s Guide to Collecting Stamps

July 30, 2009


Stamp collecting has two fundamental principles: you must enjoy what you are collecting and you must keep them in excellent condition. Except these, you get to decide what kinds of stamps to collect and have them displayed in any way you want. Therefore, stamp collecting can be a very enjoyable activity for someone who is creative.

Stamps come in four basic types, namely, traditional, topical, specialist, and worldwide. Traditional stamp collectors go for stamps of their respective countries. Topical stamp collectors choose their stamps depending on the designs. A specialist collection would just be a compilation of numerous copies of a single stamp issue. A worldwide collection includes all the stamps the collector had come across with. Any How to Collect Stamps class will tell you to start as a worldwide stamp collector until you decide what you like best and then you can specialize if you desire.

A number of stamp collectors choose to have more than one collection of different stamp types. For those who are just starting out, it is advisable to look at lots of stamp types and designs and acquire as much information as you can. Doing these would allow you to discover sides of stamp collecting you would never have imagined existing. Another way to learn more about collecting is to read as much stamp collecting news as you can get your hands on. The more you know the better.

What is important for you to keep in mind is that when starting out in stamp collecting, begin with just what you have in sight. You do not necessarily have to do too quickly. As you go on, you will stumble upon the stamps you truly would like. In the meantime, be happy with what you have at the moment and be sure to take good care of them.

As a stamp collector, you need to get hold of stamp tongs, by hook or by crook. Stamp tongs are basically your ordinary tweezers minus the sharp edges.The use of tweezers is unacceptable for collectors as these will damage your stamps. The strict use of tongs for stamps is another thing all collectors must observe.

Moreover, never use your hands to pick up your stamps or even put them on top of a bare table. The particles of dust on the table and the natural oils of your skin will only soil your stamps. If you want to look at your stamps, pour them out onto a clean sheet of white paper or such. Every collector is painstaking when it comes to his collection. Having numerous stamps is not enough grounds for calling yourself a stamp collector. You should be passionate about collecting stamps, and you must be very strict with regards to stamp care.

Beginners in stamp collecting need not have a lot of supplies. The only must-have supplies are stamp tongs, envelopes, and a box for storage. Like what was said earlier, you would be using stamp tongs to pick up your stamps. Envelopes, on the other hand, will act as folders where you can put your stamps according to type. You will then store these envelopes inside the storage box. Make sure to label the envelopes according to the type of stamps contained inside them.

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