Alternative methods of pregnancy and delivery

June 22, 2009


Pregnancy and the act of labor and delivery, although joyful, also a source of pain.  Obviously joy because of the new baby, but ask any woman, and they will tell you a source of unspeakable pain.

Well because of the pain that woman go through, there are two different schools of thought on how labor and delivery should happen.  I am going to offer some perspective on one particular school of thought that I have gained first hand experience with by being a homebirth midwife San Diego.

There is the medical model for delivering babies which is tied in with using drugs to kill the pain, and sometimes c -sections to finish the delivery.

While there is a lesser known model, not as widely accepted, for those that have experienced it and believe in it, they consider it a safer alternative for the woman.

That model is the midwifery model as it is called.That is in obvious contrast with the usual medical model way of doing things.The medical model is where you rely heavily on medicine, while the midwifery model relies on the natural.  Midwifery believes that pregnancy and delivery is a natural process and thus should be allowed to happen naturally.

This model is performed by a group called midwives. Midwives San Diego are generally woman, who attend the birth, often times at the mother’s home.This midwife would help with some techniques that help the woman go through labor as naturally as possible without drugs.

Contrary to most people’s opinion, when medicine is not used during labor, it allows the labor to proceed much faster without the use of drugs to slow the labor down.

The midwife is a profession that has a regulatory board that oversees, certifies, and licenses the individual. 

Although usually not a nurse or doctor, a midwife can be a nurse as well.

Even though they are not formal doctors or nurses, they will have some medical equipment for emergencies like resuscitation devices and equipment for suturing.

So this describes what a midwife is and what midwifery is about in relation to pregnancy and delivery.

Their objective is to let the labor and delivery to occur as naturally as possible.  This reduces the likelihood of a c-section.Does not subject you to hospital procedures that are invasive such as episiotomys.  Less medical management like breaking the water or using drugs to slow or speed up the pregnancy.  And the best part of all that a woman will love, generally labor happens much quicker naturally.

Hopefully this article sheds some light on the benefits of midwifery and having a midwife for your pregnancy.  At the very least, hopefully it gives you more options to explore.  Remember this is first hand knowledge from a San Diego midwife.

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