An Eclipse is Not a Bad Omen, Get a Telescope and Watch it

May 15, 2009


Do you feel nostalgic when you see small children fighting over owning a star in the sky before they go to bed? Are you one of those who as a child gazed the night sky to find the brightest star? Then, you should have one of the finest telescopes at your home to bring back those childhood memories. Telescope is a fabulous invention of mankind. You can explore the endless sky with the help of telescope without much effort.

It is a tricky proposition to buy a telescope, if you do not know what you are looking for. So, you must consult an astronomer to buy the right telescope for your purpose. If you have kids at home, you can present the telescope as a gift to them on thanksgiving or during the New Year. The blue sky, magnified 100 folds is a majestic sight for both kids and adults. If you interest the kids in astronomy from the childhood, then, who knows, you could see him become a Galileo or an Edmond Halley.

So, I think, I have inspired you enough to go and buy a telescope right now. Before you rush to the shop for a buy, you should do some research and find the type of telescope that you want for your home. If you want to become a professional astronomer, then, you have to do a bit more research and talk to different experts in astronomy explaining them your needs and your future plans to become a professional. The experts might suggest you to buy a variety of eye pieces and filters that could provide greater magnification and protection to your eyes respectively. It is of utmost importance to take good care of your eyes along with enjoying the experience of seeing the deep sky objects much closer.

Telescope viewing brings the astronomical events and objects much closer to your eye. Falling stars (meteoroids) and eclipse with a diamond ring is a great feeling which you can cherish for long. Even if you do not want to buy a telescope you can go to the planetarium and observe the stars. May 10th is international astronomy day and you can find a planetarium which conducts events to increase the interest in astronomy.

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