An Introduction For The Beginner Paintballer

May 8, 2009



I have never wanted to hurt anybody and I certainly never wanted to shoot someone so I found the idea of paintball a little strange. A couple of the guys I work with are regular paintballers and they go off most weekends to fire pellets of paint at people they hardly know. They could never convince me there was any point to getting shot at with paint pellets while you got cold and wet in the woods.

I knew I had nothing planned for the following weekend so when they invited me to join them I decided to gve it a try. I felt rather nervous as we left the town heading for the paintball site because I hardly knew what was in store for me.

The following morning I was kitted out with protective clothing and told never to remove my face mask while on the paintball fighting area. Next I was shown how to operate a simple paintball gun and the we were off to my first paintball fight. No sooner had I arrived in the fighting area I was hit by a bright pink ball of paint. I knew I had a lot to learn about all this paintball stuff and I hadn't even seen who it was that shot me.

I had a lot of fun that weekend. I wonder how many times I got shot that weekend but I know it was a lot and I did get to shoot some other guys a few times in what turned out to be a great weekend. You may wonder if it hurts when you get shot by a paint pellet and the answer is yes but the protective clothing protects you to some degree and it is all part of the fun of paintballing.

You might guess I am now a regular paintball player and most weekends you will find me out in the woods with my cheap paintball gun. Cheap paintball gear is good enough to start with and if you want to progress to more expensive gear you can do this over a period of time but cheap gear will do fine to get you started.

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