An Introduction to Natural Muscle Building

August 26, 2009


There seems to be a trend nowadays of making ourselves look different and perform better than the next or last person. Many people choose to try and do this naturally, but others seem to want to try performance enhancing drugs and aids.

Anabolic steriods and human growth hormones (GHB) are both performance and enhancing drugs that can alter your appearance dramitically. They come in either oral or injectable form. These two products can enhance and stimulate muscle growth, as well as shorten the time it takes you to recuperate inbetween your intensive workouts. This therefore allows you to train harder and longer than someone who is body building the natural way.

Do not take the above as an advert for performance enhancing drugs when body building, they can do irreversible damnage to your body. They cause liver damage that cannot be fixes, they can cause heart attacks and also they can have fatal consequences and cause premature death. If you do not think that they are worth the risk, which in all fairness they are not, then natural body building is the only way forward.

So what exactly is the difference between natural body building workouts and non natural body building workouts? It is actually the duration of your work outs and the frequency of your work outs. The steroid workout was already explained, now let us have a look and explain the natural one and the relationship it has to the frequency and the duration.

When someone is choosing to use a natural body building method and then goes on to use a steriod muscle building program, then the results can be fatal or it could lead to injuries and training inefficiencies. A natural work out would include training the same area of your body more than once a week, exercising the whole body and then the same again twice a week. If you cobsult with a personal trainer or fitness instructor that specializes in body building, they will build up a routine just for you.

The abdominal region, forearms and your calves are an exception, as they can be trained up to four times a week, or possibly every day as they are extremely resistant to growth due to everyday use.  Use this simple plan and you will be successful in no time at all.

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