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June 3, 2009


Scenes of Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck dancing elegantly across the floor in “Roman Holiday” always make me want to take up ballroom dancing. There is something so romantic about being swept around a ballroom floor by a handsome man in the lead. But like Cinderella, the right ballroom dance shoes are an extremely important part of the picture.

There are several qualities good ballroom dance shoes need to have.

Most importantly, they have to be comfortable. No matter how good a pair of ballroom dance shoes look, it’s pointless getting them if it hurts to dance in them.

Ballroom dance shoes need to be able to hold your feet firmly so that while dancing in them, you don’t have to cling on to the shoes with you toes so they don’t slip off your feet. Heels height has a part to play too. Ballroom dance shoes for women cannot afford to be too high, as then the lady will be more worried about if she may trip and fall or may even be worried about her grip on the floor. Despite the fact that ballroom dance shoes do need heels, wearing heels that are too high dramatically shortens the amount of time that they can be worn comfortably and could cause injury. Surprisingly, this applies to men too. Men need ballroom dance shoes that have a heel as well, but anything too short or too high will only make the pair of shoes too uncomfortable for the man to dance in. As, we’ve mentioned earlier, comfort is a key factor.

Ballroom dance shoes can be store bought or custom made, depending on the preference of the individual and also the price range that you are looking for. While store bought shoes do have variety, buying them makes it more likely that you’ll purchase a common design. Custom made shoes are a tad bit more expensive as they are made to fit your feet perfectly, but they can be varied in design, and so will definitely stand out in the crowd as well.

Ask your dancing instructor what type of ballroom dance shoes you need and where you can get them from, as he/she will probably know best. The right ballroom dance shoes will be an added highlight to a perfect night.

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