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June 6, 2009


Co-submitted by: Womens Microfiber Laptop Totes. Ballroom dancing, a passionate art for everyone no matter what age they are in or which country they live in. Salsa, Cha-cha, rumba or maybe jive all comes with lot of fun and lot of enthusiasm. But have you got the right shoes to match up with it?

Lot of people would not put their thoughts in to their shoes and would only concentrate on dancing not knowing the amount of contribution the shoes can make.

Right shoes to match with the kind of dancing will be able to enhance the performance of the dancer. This is true to all the grades of dancers starting from the beginners to the professionals.

When talking about dancing shoes for men, there are two types that are often worn by many dancers. These include ballroom dancing shoes and Latin shoes.

Women wear a different set of shoes specially designed for ballroom dancing. Some of the shoes mainly worn by female dancers include practice shoes and sandals. Practice shoes as the name suggests are used for general practice or teaching sessions carried out in the dancing class. Sandals bring out the glamour and give a certain level of sexiness to the female dancers’ feet. Ballroom dancing shoes that are made by qualified shoe makers come with the proper amount of grip, more stability and also the flexibility of moving around without any hassle.

The leathery texture for the dance shoe will ensure the durability and the glamour. It is thus a tradition to use leather to make good quality ballroom dancing shoes.  Thing to remember though in choosing a pair of ballroom dance shoes is the comfort it brings you. It should not spoil the relaxation and the mental and physical joy of dancing. Instead of choosing a bigger heel to look better on the floor it would rather be a good idea to go for a lower heel which will provide you both the look and the help for the movements.   With the correct pair of shoes you will be able to make a better dancer out of yourself and would not have to worry thinking about all the tempting moves in the next season of “Dancing with the Stars”, but actually you will be able to practise them with your fiancé.

Anyone would want to try out on getting absorbed into the glamour and the beauty of Latin dancing regardless of their age. It could go horribly wrong though if you won’t go according to the moves of your partner. The easiness of sliding and handling the footsteps is half dependant on your pair of shoes. Make sure to get one which is recommended and recognized.

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