Basic Skills Needed For Volleyball

May 30, 2009


The worst situation that a volleyball team could be in is to show up at a game without being able to perform the basic skills they needed to win the game.  Hitting the ball, being in the proper position, physical conditioning, and a player’s ability to jump can help to win the game as well as gain confidence for the game.  Focusing on the basics for volleyball can position you to gain the skills needed for every game.


General Playing Skills That Should Be Developed

1.  Serving.  This is where the game starts and is a necessary skill.  There are two basic types of serves.  One is overhand; where the player tosses the ball in the air first, then hits it on the way down.  The second is the underhand serve, where the player holds the ball in one hand and swings the other arm underneath the ball to hit it. Once the one of these basic serves is mastered, a player can the learn variations of both of these.

2.  Pass or reception.  This is usually set up by a player called a “setter”.  It is used in order to receive the ball and give it to the another player on your own team.  They will then have the ability to put the ball to the other side like they want to.

3.  Tip.  A tip is a method to trick the opponent into thinking that the ball is going further than it will.  The player will hit the ball gently, making it barely go over the net but not too far into the opponent’s area so that they can’t hit it back. 

4.  Dig.  This is a player’s ability to save the ball from striking the floor after it has been spiked. It usually requires a player to dive underneath the ball and extend his/her arms to save the ball.

5.  Rebound.  This happens when the ball is blocked, making the players “rebound”, or take the ball back.


Physical Skills That Should Be Developed

1. Quickness.  Quickness is frequently mistaken for “being fast”. A volleyball player does not have to have the speed of a sprinter, but having quick reflexes is a big plus.

2. Vertical Jump. All things being equal, a volleyball player that can jump higher than the opposition has a great advantage. Being able to jump up to hit a ball prior to your opponent can help to win more points.


Developing the physical skills often leads to the improvement of the playing skills. Improving a player’s quickness will help them respond more quickly and let them get to more “saves”. A player that can jump higher will be able to tip and spike the ball over the opposition easier. And the development of the combination of skills work together to give the player more confidence in his or her game.

For further information on how to improve your physical skills, check out How To Jump Higher.

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