Begginers Guide to Using a Snooker Cue

June 5, 2009


How Do I Improve My Snooker Cue Hold


Snooker is often regarded as the harder game to play from other cue sports like Billiards or Pool. The cue is often longer in length and more difficult to use accurately. Amateurs inadvertently tend to hold the cue incorrectly and thus compromising their potential to improve their game. There are numerous ways of holding a cue and you need to develop your own style. Hopefully I can maybe steer you in the right direction with the following tips to help you metaphorically speaking – ‘get a grip’!


Step 1

Assuming your right-handed, hold the cue about one third up from the butt of the cue in your right hand. Good Snooker Cue design distribute’s the heaviness towards the butt end and lighter at the tip end which creates the effect of more power if you hold the cue nearer the butt end. If held further from the top there’s more power then held nearer the top much like a hammer.


Step 2

Place the left hand flat on the table. Spread your fingers slightly. Move your thumb so it’s resting against your index finger and then curve your thumb upwards and outwards maintaining contact with your index finger. It should feel normal! It should feel natural.


Step 3

You may find it useful if you bend down so that your chin is resting very gently on the snooker cue to take aim. keep a hold on the right hand loose to medium. I sometimes find better control if I keep my baby finger away from the cue on the right hand whilst not making full contact with the palm.


Step 4

Continue as above, gently swing the cue whilst lining up your shot and make full gripping contact with your right hand as you strike the cue ball.


After thoughts

This by no means is the be-all and end-all to holding your cue but it’s a good start. your style of holding a cue will change with you over time. All the very best with your future games of snooker.



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