Benefits of anger management especially on families

September 4, 2009


One thing people have in common is enotions.  On some people these emotions are more easily displayed.Some emotions are good for a person especially when displayed like happiness.Some people display emotions such as happiness and excitement and laughter.Other people tend to show more sadness or more anger than happiness. All people have emotions and they usually express it but sometimes they get out of hand. Emotions like anger belong to these category.

As you shall see in this article anger can have horrible effects on family life. In my practice doing anger management counseling I have seen the effects it can have on a family. It could make living with the person very uncomfortable. It makes everybody nervous and afraid to say something because they might get scolded. It make a place of safety into something that is negative. That place of safety is home life. 

It may be surprising but anger sometimes stems from an emotional issue like depression. Whatever reason there is this person might be in a depressed state. Once they do not see a solution to a problem most of the time it leads to anger. That is why I advice everyone feeling depression to seek a depression counseling. The best way is to stop something before it gets worse. Because sometimes it just does not lead into anger but into something where they eventually hurt themselves. 

Either way these two emotions whether they stem from each other have to be dealt with. If you let either keep going it can get worse.It will destroy your relationship with your family. It can break a very good relationship.  Being a family counselor in San Diego I stress the importance of good relationships in family life. So obviously I stress dealing with all emotional issues immediately. Sometimes it can be hard to swallow your pride and seek help professionally. But this would prove to be very helpful in the long run especially for the person affected.

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