Benefits of midwifery during modern times

October 17, 2009


Having a midwife is one way of delivering a baby.  Although not as common as having a baby in a hospital it is gaining popularity.The reason why it is not as popular is maybe because a lot of people think it is not safe.  What I mean by that is not a lot of technology is used to do the procedure.And it is because of this lack of technology use that people think it is not a safe method to deliver a baby.  In this article we are going to show how a midwife has advanced in technology as well.

Well as a midwife in San Diego I know first hand that midwives are starting to use more technology.  Although the goal of having a baby through a midwife is to have it naturally.It is still possible to incorporate some technology in this practice.An ultrasound is one technology that midwives also use.The reason for this is so that a midwife can also determine the gender of the baby.

Another advancement that is being done in my midwives San Diego service is that we do have emergency equipment at birth.  Things like equipment to resuscitate.And many more emergency tools and equipments that may be needed at times.  These different advanced pieces of technology allow the homebirth to be more safe.

Another advance being done with my San Diego waterbirth service is the waterbirth kits being used.  Waterbirths are when you have the baby in water.The kits help in making the delivery easier.  They also are in place to help the mother as well as the baby stay safe.

As you can see the practice of midwifery is more advanced then people think.What people think of as old age practice is not really true.  This all leads to the fact that having a baby at home and with a midwife is safer then you think.  All of these advanced tools make having a baby at home as safe as having a baby in the hospital.  So if you are thinking of a homebirth it is a safe option.

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