Best Canon Digital Cameras

November 1, 2009



There are a variety of Canon digital cameras that you will come across. Having been long established in the industry means that Canon is one of the top brands that is offering quality products.

Let’s take a look at some of the really good models in this range.

Canon PowerShot A480

Looking at the style and shape of this one it is easy to see that it has a tradiotional design. The camera now shoots with a wider angle than was previously possible and has had its optical image resolution increased to 10 mega pixels. They have included an extra 5 scenic views to choose from, from the existing ten. you now have more choices to choose from when it comes to contrast, color, sharpness settings and so on. The inbuilt face and motion detection software will make sure your pictures are clear.

Canon 5D Mark II

All the areas that previous Canon SLR models were found to be lacking in have been dealt with and corrected in this model. It is comprised of a 21.2 mega pixel sensor and boasts an impressive resolution of A900. It is capable of both video and still capture.

Canon SD 1 100 IS

This model also has the latest face and motion detector software, is 8 mega pixels and has a 30 frames per second picture mode. It was designed to adapt to the upgraded image stabilization system and has comprehensive software that incorporates most features of other cameras.

Canon has lots of other excellent models in its range. You can compare the prices and should be able to reach a compromise between performance and price to get the kind of camera that you are looking for. It does not matter whether you are looking for a DSLR camera or just a normal digital camera, Canon will always have a quality camera within your price range.Other digital cameras that might of interest can be picked from any one of the following:

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