Bingo Only for the Elderly? Think Again…

May 24, 2009


Some people believe that the game of bingo is only for the elderly, but in past years younger, hipper players have started to arrive at the game. The game of bingo is played first with everyone having their own bingo board. The bingo board contains letters and numbers together that will be used during bingo calling. All players have a bingo marker that will stamp their board if their bingo numbers and letters are called. The bingo caller is key in the game of bingo. He or she stands at the front of the group and spins balls in a manual machine. Once a ball is called out, then players find it on their board and stamp it. The game is won when a player gets five numbers and letters in a row. The row can be horizontal, diagonal, or vertical in the game of bingo.

Many states feature variations of the game of bingo on their lottery tickets, while video bingo has become one of the fastest growing online games. Video bingo can also be played at many different casinos across the globe.

The game of bingo is linked to a lottery game first played in Italy around 1530, giving the game a rich history that most other games cannot beat. Because of its attraction the game of bingo is played with different themes as well. There are even some people that attend drag queen bingo, in which a drag queen is the bingo caller for the evening. Those games usually end up half comedy show and half bingo.

The special markers that are used in the game of bingo are called daubers. These markers are round in shape so that the entire letter and number are properly marked. Other special terms in the game of bingo are “cased” and “jumping the gun.” “Cased” means that only one letter and number are needed to complete a bingo, while “jumping the gun” refers to a player yelling out that he or she has made a bingo before he or she actually has.

Many churches and social organizations use the game of bingo to raise money for a special cause. Because the game is easy for most all to play, generations of people can sit in for a game. Other forms that are more difficult have shown up as well. Quick Shot bingo plays with pre-pulled numbers, and horse racing bingo is played a lot by fraternal chapters across the nation.  For more information as well as bingo game downloads, please visit Gamesville Bingo, Foxy Bingo or Bingo for Cash.


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