Blackjack: The Ultimate Pastime?

May 28, 2009


With regard to blackjack strategy there are usually 2 schools of thought. The 1st, which is hailed over all others on the Internet, is the strict adherence to ‘basic blackjack strategy.’ This is the most statistically advantageous decision for any particular situation. The 2nd school of thought includes just about anyone who claims to have a reason to do something other than what basic blackjack strategy says you should do. Now, these two blackjack strategies aren’t mutually exclusive, in fact, I think the majority of basic blackjack strategy players make a decision based on a feeling that doesn’t fit what basic blackjack strategy says during the course of a game. Really, how often have you seen anyone surrender in blackjack? What I really mean by a 2nd school of thought is the people who attempt to bring systematic approaches to the game, for better or for worse. See you at the online casino.

Although you may have been hoping to hear something other than ‘always employ basic blackjack strategy’ it’s really not going to happen right here today. How can you argue with the fact that basic blackjack strategy is comprised entirely of statistically correct moves? Well strangely enough, although they are statistically correct, the suggestions don’t always seem logical. Occasionally there is a strong human urge to do what it sees as logical, while the basic blackjack strategy chart says to do something different. For instance, when you are dealt two nines and the dealer has a 7 showing, part of you will have an urge to split them, as you envision two nineteens by your finger tips, but basic strategy suggests to stay. What’s the logic here? Obviously basic blackjack strategy is working on the premise that they dealer will most likely have a 17 and you already have that beat with an eighteen, but why not try to get two nineteens? At that point you’re taking a risk, and it affects the numbers. Although it is not a very big statistical difference, you would be expected to win $40 (for every $100 bet) standing on double nines, and only stand to earn $36.90 when splitting. Now try some free blackjack games online.

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