Buying a Dream: Playing the SC Lottery

June 18, 2009


            The lottery is one of the most popular ways for people to spend a dollar here or there when they are out running their errands in any state. In South Carolina, it is the South Carolina Powerball lottery which usually gets that extra dollar that people have to spend.  The great thing about the lottery is that it costs so little to get a chance to play. In fact, it is safe to say that there is no other bet in the world which offers such great odds as playing the lottery. The odds are very far against you, of course, but there is probably no other bet in the world where a single dollar could show a return of tens, even hundreds of millions of dollars.


            The South Carolina Powerball lottery is based on one of the more popular lottery game structures in the country, and there are many other games which use a similar option for picking the numbers. Powerball is a game which starts with picking 5 numbers between 1 and 59 and then selecting the final “Powerball” which will be a number between 1 and 39.  Prizes are awarded in increasing increments depending on how many of the numbers you have matched.


            The lowest prize payout comes for just matching the “Powerball” without matching any of the other numbers. The odds of matching only that single number are obviously quite a bit better than matching all five numbers and the Powerball. So, while only one person might win the large multimillion dollar jackpot every week, there are thousands of people who get to enjoy a range of smaller prizes all the way from $3 up to $200,000 for matching five numbers without the Powerball.


            Of course, for some people, playing the lottery just isn’t for them. Some people might prefer to just save their dollar and play a spades card game instead, but for most people, a game of cards with nothing riding on it is just not as much fun as taking a chance at winning millions of dollars. That single dollar it takes to bet a draw in the Powerball lottery represents a very small portion of the disposable income most people have, and yet, it can provide a very large amount of entertainment and enjoyment.  Really, you’re paying a dollar to enjoy spending the week dreaming about what you’d do with millions of dollars, and that is a fair bit of entertainment for a single buck.


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