Can you Really Improve Your Game of Darts With Subliminal Messages?

May 14, 2009


Often we get people sending us emails with questions such as “Is it really possible to improve your game of darts with subliminal messages?”. Well it reallly is, but before you hear it from us, take a look at these testimonials from people who have experienced it first hand.

I bought your Darts Training album and listened in full, TWICE. As soon as I played, the difference was simply breath taking! My game was the best it has ever been and my averages shot up. I was very skeptical about trying the CD at first, as all one would hear is sounds from the ocean / rainfall! However after having the session I have just had (one which was vastly better than I have ever experienced before), I would not be without
the CD and will continue to listen in full each and every day.
David Barton, Wigan, England

I wasn’t sure what results I would get or indeed what results I would expect from the darts album. After listening to it the first time I felt more confident and relaxed just before the game. I started throwing and infact I started throwing very well. I felt as if I was throwing with ease and comfort. The next night after listening to the album again I was astonished about my results, I was amazed, I couldn’t believe it. I gave it another day and checked my results. My accuracy on finishing increased by 25% on most doubles, this was within just 3 days. I now regularly use the CD. Definitely a product I would recommend to everyone who needs any help.
David Melvin, Angus, Scotland

The darts accuracy album is one of our more popular albums, and for skills like Darts which are based on training, physical skill, and mental strength, then subliminal messages often have fantastic results.

Our darts album works by sending subliminal messages to your mind to align it to work in the same way as people who appear to have natural talent in darts – so that you too can increase your darts accuracy and skill

These are qualities such as:

  • Stabilizing your mental state so you can play consistently
  • Staying calm under pressure, even thriving on pressure and stepping up your game.
  • Keeping a steady arm.
  • Keeping a deeper focus and concentration to increase your darts accuracy.
  • Developing your sense of visualization - helping you to visualise your victory in every shot.

These traits are the skills which influence all other areas of your darts game. Instead of trying to concentrate harder the album will ensure you stay calm and focused on your game - especially in competitions when it really counts the most. And in turn your darts skills and accuracy will both improve.

If you want to read more then give our darts accuracy subliminal cd a go.

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