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May 5, 2009


The money is all in no limit Texas holdem now. All the new Texas holdem tournament players are trying to get better at the game. The following tips should be helpful for your tournament play.

We recommend that you do not call when you are first to enter a pot, raise it up instead. If you just call, playing the hand will be more complicated. You can earn a lot more chips because of the pre flop raise.

Learn to use position to your advantage. Especially when the blinds are low, or you have a big stack. You want to see flops when you have position on your opponents. Playing trash hands from good position can drive opponents crazy when you hit them big.

Playing a short table is key to winning tournaments. When you have only four or five opponents, you need to step up your play. If you sit back and wait you will be blinded off eventually.

When you are short on chips, a different approach is necessary. When you a running low on chips do not play speculative hands, play pairs and high cards, and just push all-in. Do not get cute. Just get your chips in when you have a good hand.

Deep stack no limit holdem is the most fun, and the most complex. If you get deep stacked, stay aggressive. Keep trying for more chips. A lot of players get carried away with big pairs in a deep stack situation, and they get knocked out when players make sets or other big hands on the flop.

It is smart to raise a large amount when you are out of position pre flop. Not raising is very dangerous. It is a good play to follow up with a big bet after the flop. This will win you most hands right there.

How many chips you have will always be a factor in your choice of plays. Your opponents stack size will also be a huge consideration when planning any actions. The small stacks will be looking to re-raise all-in if they suspect you might fold. Make sure you think about this before raising the pot.

You have to play aggressive if you want to win events that have a lot of players. Having a big stack is vital in making a deep run. So, take some chances early to get that big stack. When you get off to a big start, you can go much further usually.

If you realize what your opposition thinks of your game, you will gain a nice edge on him. If you have played wildly, you will have trouble bluffing. Use the image you have created to score big when you have a good hand. Bet big, people will not respect you.

Virtually every one knows how to play Texas holdem these days. It is much tougher to become a strong player. It used to take years to develop the skills to be a great player. Now, the online poker rooms help players play a lifetime of games in only a few years.

It is a complete variant game. Network Poker Software Thousands of online bookmakers acknowledge gambles on gaming occurences around the planet. Some words of concern are proper here.

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