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May 11, 2009


The world of poker has witnessed spectacular amounts of TV coverage, and interest. The success we are witnessing in all areas of the poker industry is quite unbelievable. Now, we will look at what it is that people enjoy about poker, and why it has gained so much public interest.

What qualities does poker have that draws people to the game? The factors that draw many of us to poker are only a few items that are somewhat poker specific. Okay, let us see what the key elements that get us interested in playing.

Texas Holdem poker is a cerebral game, that the players are drawn to. You see this in many different ways, such as tricky table talk. It’s hard to find something that beats making an outrageous bluff to win a monster pot.

In poker, even though there is a gambling sense, you are in actions have a great influence on the results. People like this. The chance to get hot and win huge money makes tournament poker very enticing to many poker players. Almost anyone has the ability to become a very good poker player.

What happened to make poker the popular activity it is today, from the behind the scenes activity it was? What could have happened that changed the status of poker? You can point to three events specifically. A man invents a way to see a player’s hole cards, the Internet finds poker, and an unknown wins the biggest poker tournament in the world. These are the three things that lead to the poker boom.

We start with the invention of hole card camera This new invention gave us a look at what the players have in their hands while play was going on. This invention revolutionized watching poker on TV. People were becoming interested in watching.

Next we see people playing poker in cyberspace, as online poker begins. Now, everywhere you could get online, is a poker room. We start to see an increase in the number of people that are playing poker.

The �“pocket cam”  was the key to creating a desirable television product. Add to that a larger player base, thanks to online poker including increased fields at the big tournaments. Poker is now an industry on the rise, with potential to grow, it just needs something special to happen.

In 2003, with what was a huge field at that time of over 800 players, an unknown amateur beat all the pros, and won over 2.5 million dollars, at the WSOP Main Event. The online poker presence at the live event made the purse swell to a huge number. This final event sent poker on a huge growth track.

Now, poker players are celebrities, and celebrities are poker players. The three events described have combined to create a huge industry that makes millions, no, billions of dollars each year. The purses at the big events now can be lottery sized wins, and even online prize pools can be enormous.

In conclusion we can look back and see how these three events led to the huge boom that poker is enjoying. This has become an industry that generates billions of dollars annually. This is no fad. Poker will be in the limelight for some time.

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