Cherokee Casinos: It’s All About You

May 20, 2009


The Cherokee Hotel Casino is a well renowned hotel and casino with many locations all over the country! Lifelong memories are made in these places and special times with friends, family and loved ones will be the highlight of your stay at any of the Cherokee casinos. You will find many exciting events to attend, shows to see and games to play as you live the Cherokee experience.


Cherokee Casino Tulsa has entertainment venues, games, restaurants, and Toby Keith’s “I love this bar and grill.” With 19 stories to this hotel with as many as 350 hotel rooms, you will find the perfect room for you in no time! There is an event and concert arena for special events that are always sure to impress even the toughest critic. The convention center seating holds over 1,000 people so grab your tickets quick! These shows are full of excitement and creativity and are a must see! This location is Oklahoma’s only premier gaming, entertainment and gambling destination and is the largest casino in the whole of the state!


Cherokee Catoosa Casino is also a Cherokee hotel and casino establishment that people travel far and near to visit. Open every day, 24 hours; this casino is full of fun and life day and night! With the gambling age being 21, you will enjoy the relaxed, stress free time with adult-only entertainment and company. Catoosa offers over 30 live blackjack and poker tables as well as 150 slot machines. Even the most seasoned of poker playing veterans will find this exciting and impressive. . The night will never become dull with the choice of 36 poker tables and 35 games available. The highlight of the year that many travel to come and see and compete in is the Scott Nguyen Poker Challenge. Hours of entertainment accompany this event as you learn more about the game, compete in the game and spend time conversing with other Poker veterans.


Each of these two hotels offers its own special advantages. Whether it is the luxurious dining, beautiful hotel rooms or the grandeur of the casinos themselves, you will be astonished at how modern entertainment has advanced! Lively performances and pensive games will keep you entertained and not wanting to go home. Memories are made in places like these and your memories are about to get sweeter. Enjoy these locations and live life to the fullest at the Cherokee hotel and casinos!


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