Chinese Checkers Game: How To Play?

October 31, 2009


WARNING:  The marbles are choking hazards thus too dangerous for little children. The chinese checkers game is a board game that uses colorful marbles. These are very attractive to little children.  Small children are very curious beings and have the tendency to taste everything they see that fascinates their eyes.

The standard design consists of two overlapping triangle at the base to form a hexagon from the triangles intersection. The board may be made out of solid wood like cherry, metal such as tin or fiberglass for long lasing durability. Chinese checkers game made of fiberglass is the most expensive and it is not suitable for children under 3 years old. This toy contains CHOKING HAZARD! 

These terials use for this game board. The shapes of the board may be round or square or hexagonal which are perfect ornaments or wall decors.

The Chinese checkers game set comprises of the board itself with a standard measurement of eleven and a half inches in diameter and sixty pieces of vividly colored marbles that may come in an elegant velvet pouch. The mechanics of the game may perhaps be printed at the back of the wood or in a separate sheet of paper. Innovative designers make the other side of the board as a conventional chess board with matching chess pieces. This game can be played by at least two to six players only.

The holes for each marble are especially designed to fit in the marbles size. Six different colors comprises the marbles with a set of ten for each color that sums up to sixty pieces all in all. The colors are usually the spectral colors like red, yellow, orange, green, blue or black and white.

It does not matter whether it is raining or there is no power supply, you can still play anytime with it. You can browse online and check for other designs of these particular boards. You can find mechanics or instructions of the game in the Internet that provide games of these sorts.  You can always play with friends indoor or outdoor Chinese checkers game.

You feel proud and happy when your children are grouped together and play Chinese Checkers Game. It is a simple game of moving marbles from one place to the other. In a way, it enhances their skills and knowledge and draws them closer with their siblings and friends. It feels great to know this game. Visit to know more about it.

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