Choosing a Reliable Brand of GPS Watches

October 28, 2009


Each time you encounter the word “Casio”, the word “watch” automatically follows in your mind, since Casio has long been one of the more popular watch manufacturers nowadays. This brand is most often connected with its practical and fashionable watches, depended upon by folks from all walks of life. Another nice model is the Suunto Vector Wrist-Top Computer Watch.

In case you are looking for a watch which is fashionable as well as consistent in providing the accurate time, then Casio will be the timepiece for you. Casio timepieces are original and are available to compliment a variety of life styles. On the other hand, the mention of words “Casio GPS watch” usually doesn’t ring any bells. What is a Casio GPS watch?

This new Casio GPS watch is a chronometer and global positioning unit for atheletes which enables them to easily see their position and course, and also helping them to observe their speed and distance for a variety of outdoor pastimes. Casio GPS watches are packaged in different models which live up to the expectations of the most discerning customers. For the use of interested parties, several of their most recent models are listed below.

The Casio GPR- 100

The Casio GPR-100, the smallest GPS enabled watch, was introduced to the public not too long ago. Tagged as the world’s smallest GPS compatable watch, it gives customers all the advantages available in any Casio watch along with the cutting edge technology of a GPS. Casio’s smallest wonder is waterproof, so it is just the thing for swimming. It links itself to GPS satellites to calculate speed and distance, while at the same time figuring your route for times when you leave your usual course. It additionally offers an automatic calendar, stop watch, alarm and back up light for use after sundown. The watch is fitted with a lithium battery whose life depends upon the battery capacity. But because the battery is down sized, it runs the GPS for no more than 2 to 4 hours. You may also want to look at the Suunto Vector Wrist-Top Computer Watch.


Another GPS watch called the PAT 2 GP-IV relies on a built–in rechargeable lithium ion battery. Created as the next generation Satellite NAVI watch, it is manufactured to be a lot lighter and more compact than previous GPS watches. Its exclusive PC linking software enables the consumer to plot GPS data from the device and store it in your personal computer. You could plot a starting point, a landmark or two and ending location on the computer screen. As with the GPR 100, the watch is resistant to moisture from the occasional dunking, body fluids and other sources. The PAT 2 GP-IV watch, since it is unobtrusive and light weight, does not feel bulky and can be comfortably strapped to the owner’s arm. The rechargeable batteries remove the drudgery of continually buying batteries.

The Pro-Trek Navi Satellite

Regarded as the prototype GPS watch, the Pro-Trek Navi Satellite GPS watch has been made with multiple much sought-after benefits, such as a more compact design, rechargeable batteries and water resistant casings. Several other useful functions make this the perfect device for athletes. Landmarks are able to be stored in this device to mark sites. The Navi Satellite GPS will also record satellite almanac statistics in its memory. This data can be accessed as needed to find the proper coordinates of the satellite, consequently saving time and battery power. When the placement of the satellite is fixed, your position is easily calculated. The Suunto Vector Wrist-Top Computer Watch is another nice unit to consider.

The Casio GPS watches give outdoor sports enthusiasts exactly what they want since the economy is tight; a well-made, multifunctional electronic device which exceeds expectations. A Casio GPS watch is a time piece, trail guide, GPS unit, and running companion who won’t leave you behind.

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