Culture, Travel and Saving Money

June 28, 2009


Since the invention of the airplane and even more so with the wide interest in travel, finding yourself in a new, exotic location has never been more alluring. From Paris and London to Las Vegas and New York, people will travel all over the world just to experience new cultures and taste a new brand of specialty wine. But with the unsure nature of economic stability, spending money on a $2000 or more plane ticket has become almost unreasonable and has stopped many from traveling. This simply should not be. This would seem to take people away from multicultural experiences and limit people’s knowledge of an ever changing, exciting world! Fortunately there is another option for those who enjoy culture yet would rather not spend their whole vacation budget on their plane ticket. There are excellent mock city hotels all over the country and probably near you! An example of one is the Paris Las Vegas Hotel. It features the exquisite feel and chic sights that accompany a Paris vacation but is in Nevada. This hotel may well be the closest thing to a Paris hotel Nevada has to offer and it has impressed even the most upscale travelers!


The Paris Hotel Las Vegas Nevada contains is not the only one of its type. Many other wonderful hotels, villas and dining areas feature the tastes, sounds and feel of an authentic foreign city.


For those who enjoy Asian cultures, many large cities from San Francisco to Chicago and New York have a China Town area where the Chinese cultures are alive in their most true sense. The sights and sounds make you feel miles away from home yet in the heart of an American city. For those from China, you will feel at home even when you are miles and miles away from your homeland. Little European cities are found even in remote places such as Washington state’s Bavarian town called Leavenworth. This gorgeous little town is lined with little shops and cultural inlets. Culture doesn’t have to be expensive to discover and you may find that these little pockets of ethnicity will become your most beloved vacation areas. Anyone from little children, to parents and business persons, to the elderly retirees can enjoy a storybook vacation in a “faraway” land close to home. Discover your countries best kept vacationing secrets for yourself and you fall in love with culture in a matter of minutes.





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