Custom Pool Table – A Closer Look

August 25, 2009


Are we beyond the era of customizations? I don’t think so. If you look at the custom pool tables that are on offer, you will know that I’ve got a point. When you come across a perfect custom pool table that is sold out at bargain or discounted price, you will know that it is not onlt the rich that are blessed in life.

So what is the big deal about owning a custom pool table? Well, for those who can afford to have a custom pool table at home, it will add to the whole glamour and glory while giving you a piece of equipment for you to play around with. For those who own restaurants and other leisure businesses, custom pool tables will become one tool which will attract customers.

Now the next question is, ‘how custom are these custom pool tables?’ Of course, this is something that can vary depending on the budget you have. Custom pool table makers now customize the pool tables to your requirements as you please, given you can spend on it. Did you know that they even sell transparent custom pool tables? Well, how players keep their concentration in tact while playing on a transparent custom pool table may be a worthwhile question to ask, but when it comes to the cool look it adds to your surroundings, the transparent ones really add class to your life. Oh by the way, they are popularly known as glass top pool tables, in case if you want to go checking out one. The felt color is another thing that can be easily customized according to your liking. So when most people talk about custom pool tables, they talk about a customized felt color. But that is not all; custom pool tables usually come in different sizes and designs as well.

There are some companies that dedicatedly work to customize pool tables. They would have usually done this job for decades or even for generations. So you d be lucky if you can find an industry leader in custom pool tables with experience, before you settle on buying a second hand pool table.

Warranty is something that you should be keen about in every case. If you were to buy a used custom pool table, chances are that you will only be given a few months of warranty. But if you were getting a manufacturer to carve a special table for you, make sure to ask for lifetime warranty.

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