Depression Counseling Advice

June 20, 2009


Depression is one of the human emotions that is most powerful.If you leave this emotion untreated, those suffering from it severly could be lead to something more serious.

Everyone has moments of feeling unhappy.  That is natural. But clinical depression is something much more than that.  It is a disease.But you can treat it.

I would like to offer some advice and tips that I have gained from my experience as a therapist in San Diego.

So what makes depression, clinical depression?

Firstly, a person might start to feel like everything is hopeless and sad.This when someone feels like everything is pointless.Or life isn’t worth living. Which might lead to suicidal thoughts and feelings.

This usually can last for several weeks if not longer.When your depression is lasting that long, that is when you are moving to the state of clinical depression.

And when you hit that tipping point, you need to seek out a therapist.Don’t leave this condition untreated if you find yourself at that point.Believe me, from my experience as a depression counselor I know.

So once you do hit that point, you need to do several things. Because sometimes imbalances in your body or chemistry in your brain can cause depression, you may need to treat it medically.You would use antidrepessant drugs to treat it.

Of course as a counselor, I prefer to treat it through depression counseling.  A counselor can help a person get to grips with the root of their depression.

They can use another form of therapy such as cognitive behavior therapy which addresses how you think.The goal is to turn those negative thoughts into positive ones by questioning them.

A counselor is also good in helping you use relaxation techniques.  If the depression is caused by stress, using relaxation will help combat that form of stress.

Most of all a depression counselor will be the most effective person to find out what is causing the depression.

They are good at looking and seeing if a circumstance like a loss in the family is the cause.They can investigate and determine if it is caused by something from the past.  Or they can find out if it is caused by something going on in your body.Whether there was some physiological change.

Depression is a treatable condition.But when you don’t know what caused it, you will not be able to treat it.This is why finding a good counselor or therapist will help a lot.

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