Destroy Those Devlish Sinus Infections

October 22, 2009


sinus problems

Honestly, there are a number of possibilities that could have caused that infection in the first place. What caused an infection can be hard to pinpoint at times. You could have gotten the infection when you were at work, in the shopping mall, during an activity or at home.   Many sinus infections are known for being caused by the common cold, which is known as viral influenza. This will cause you to have congestion in the nose area.   During this time, the nose will be filled with that mucus, which will cause an accumulation of white blood cells in the nose lining. This in turns makes it hard for the individual to breathe or smell and the only way you can get it out would be to blow it out.   Commonly, this common flu will stay for about one week. After this time, we usually recover, but it will leave behind those inflamed sinuses. You may not realize it, but the nose is a sensitive part of the human body that is able to catch viral infections easily.   A sinus infection could also be caused by being exposed to pollen, dust particles and other irritants that are in the air. This type of stuff prevents the mucus from draining away. When bacteria that cause influenza and streptococcus pneumonia are in your upper respiratory tract, it can cause an infection. Sinus infections are painful and if you shake your head and it hurts, then you probably have one.
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