Do you agree with these top 20 American sports?

October 17, 2009


Now i know you probably won’t disagree with the top 5 of these, but what would you do about the rest?

  1. American Football – This may be the obvious one but its true.
  2. Baseball – A massive sport, with a world series, although other countries are not invited.
  3. Basketball – Well simply put this is played by well over three hundred million people around the world.
  4. Hockey – For starters this isn’t an American sport, it is however a massive sport in America.
  5. Golf – It doesn’t take much to realise where the boom happened, it was Mr Woods.
  6. Wrestling – can be watched live or on the TV with massive audiences.
  7. Tennis – Not really an American Past Time, but definitely a well respected sport.
  8. Skateboarding – America launched this sport from nothing to everything, now being taken up around the world.
  9. Surfing – Yeah man, this was were surfing really took off.
  10. Ice Skating – This has been a major sport in America, although it is often overlooked.
  11. Boxing – Is starting to catch up with Wrestling, but needs more time and more frequent fights.
  12. Soccer – The Americans have only just started to accept this as a big sport, but it is growing.
  13. Archery – this isn’t you average sport, but it is a sport, and Archery is something the Americans are great at.
  14. Volleyball – Now I am not entirely sure who invented Women’s Volleyball but i would like to shake their hand.
  15. Cycling – A great sport, America has yet to fully embrace it.
  16. Track and Field – Americans have always taken this seriously and produced some great Athletes.
  17. Horse Racing – A huge sport, but is it really bigger than others.
  18. Rock Climbing – The Americans have really taken to this, and they do have some of the best possible scenery for it.
  19. Extreme Sports – The Americans love this, especially when things go wrong, not sure why though.
  20. Auto Racing – All of them, it has to come here on the list, but it is hard to differentiate between them.

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