Do You Know What You’re Looking for When You’re Looking at Ping-Pong Tables

October 26, 2009


If ping-pong is becoming an significant part of your life, and you’re getting into playing with your household and friends on a regular basis, you might need to consider investing in a table tennis table of your own. Just the simple convenience of having your own ping-pong table and beauty of the practice as often as you like, as well as being able to play against your friends and family is an awesome benefit of having your own table.

There is a lot of hype surrounding ping-pong tables and all the benefits of having some fantastic one, but a lot of it is all just that hype.Many manufacturers of quality table tennis tables, make a rather huge claims that the products as a justification to charge more. The truth is that your plan is just a hobby or as recreation, then you don’t need all these high-priced units.

Once again going for the low-end models, is the best bet as a first-time buyer. If you and your family are just starting out with ping-pong, then buying an expensive ping-pong table could be just a huge waste of money. On the other hand though if your family and you decide that this is something that you want to pursue, and start competing with, then you might want to consider buying a higher end table.

If you’re going to want to move the table, or move it out of the way, then you’re going to want a folding model that has wheels and brakes. Having this type of table will make it simple to put it in storage and make more room for entertaining in other ways.

The table thickness is vitally important because it has an effect on the way your ball bounces. It is recommended that you get a table with the thickness of 1 inch or metric measurements 25 mm. If you’re into competing in tournaments, and you want to practice on a table that is like theirs, then you want to opt for one that’s 25 mm thick.

One more thing that you need to consider about a ping-pong table is its legs. You need to make sure that the legs are strong enough that they can take years of abuse and use. Many of your tables these days have leg levelers which are incredibly helpful when you need to place the table on ground that isn’t even.

The maker of the product isn’t real important. If you’re a serious tournament ping-pong player, then you probably want to go for a common brand that is used in tournaments, as this will give you the feel of these tables.

The last thing that you want to look for is to make sure that the table is flat.You can see any warps or bends in the surface by putting your eye at table level and looking at it across the flat of the surface. The top of the table should not have any rough spots in it. Warps and rough spots can drastically affect where the ball bounces. Uneven bounces can be quite frustrating.

These are the qualities that you need to look at when choosing a ping-pong table.By understanding what you’re looking at, you’ll be able to choose a table that you know is good, and will suit you best.Always take into consideration that the most expensive options aren’t always the best option for your situation. Look for something that is going to best fit your needs not your desires.

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