Double Your Vertical Leap – Product Review

June 5, 2009


Double Your Vertical Leap is a book written by Luke Lowrey. Luke likes to say that he considers himself the “dirty little secret” of many professional and Olympic athletes than have used his program. He may well be the best known expert in the field of learning how to jump higher.

As the title of the book states, in this program Luke will teach you how to double your vertical jumping ability. You will start with techniques to help you jump at least six inches in 60 days. After you begin to see improvements you will be ready to move on to really explode your jumping to heights (pun intended) you haven’t ever reached before.

Double Your Vertical Leap is endorsed by many world class athletes from many different sports. The web site has referrals from professional athletes and coaches from the NBA, NFL, ATP Tennis Tour, NCAA coaches and players, Olympic athletes, as well as average every-day people. This is a program that anyone can use!

Luke’s program uses very specific exercises and ideas that scientifically work together to bring the best results. There are numerous testimonies from satisfied customers that have increased their vertical jump anywhere from 6 – 23 inches!!! The results are amazing!

The program comes in three volumes that will help you progress quickly to reach the goals that you have – or even more! As well as the three volumes themselves, Luke also includes five additional bonus products – diet tips, tracking charts, free lifetime updates, and others. These are free just for buying the program.

This program is the best program available to help you increase your vertical jump! The only drawback is that it is also one of the most expensive programs on the market. But, you know what they say, “you get what you pay for”. You will get the most comprehensive program available to increase your vertical jumping ability. If you are still unsure, Luke offers his 100% + $100 guarantee – increase your vertical jump by 6 inches in 60 days or you get your money back AND he will add $100 to it for your trouble. So you can’t lose!!

Double Your Vertical Leap is included in this Vertical Jump Program Review.

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