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June 25, 2009


We will talk a little about finding downloads, with your movie reviews right after that. Many products can be downloaded right off the internet now. Music downloads, movie downloads and game downloads are some examples. Every different search will provide new sites. Try “Movie Rental Download” and see what happens.

Cry Uncle: Secluded investigator gets engaged with kill, sex and blackmail in spoof of controversial taste; regularly humorous, nonetheless. Cast includes Allen Garfield, Madeleine De La Roux, Devin Goldenberg, David Kirk, Sean Walsh, and Nancy Salmon. (87 minutes, 1971)

Lightning in a Bottle: Vigorous Blues tribute performance film, orchestrated in 2003 at Stereo City Music Chamber, opens with an onstage intro by Martin Scorsese. Then it tears up the joint. What little backstage material there is demonstrates gripping, although wisely lets the actors over-power an approximately chronological history characterizing both war horse and modern-day entertainers. For a blues film, this is a pretty good flick. (106 minutes, 2004)

The Great Gildersleeve: First of succession based on renowned stereo personality Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve is reasonably entertaining hogwash, as Gildy enters local affairs of state and stays away from spinster Territory. Cast includes Harold Peary, Nancy Bars, Freddie Mercer, Mary Territory, Jane Darwell, and Thurston Chamber. (62 minutes, 1943)

The Chocolate Soldier: Eddy and Stevens are husband and wife opera megastars. To be sure of her fidelity, he camouflages himself as a Cossack and woos her. Cast includes Nelson Eddy, Rise Stevens, Nigel Bruce, Florence Bates, Dorothy Gilmore, and Nydia Westman. (102 minutes, 1941)

Absolution: Young Benjamin Starfield is tired of being the teacher’s favorite at his Catholic school. So, he decides to play a joke on Father Goddard (Richard Burton). In confession he claims to have accidentally killed his best friend and buried him in the forest. Things get even more intriguing when Goddard finds the dead body of the young boy Benjamin claims to have killed. Richard Burton, Dominic Guard, Dai Bradley, and Billy Connolly star. (1978 Drama)

Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Assault: Bumbling policeman Frank Drebin is talked into coming pout of retirement for one last case. They need him to go undercover in the state prison, and find out what Rocco, a dangerous terrorist, is plotting next. As usual, Frank is making a total mess of things, but somehow comes out smelling like a rose.

Collateral: Vincent is a contract killer with a job to do. He has arrived in L.A. and will kill five people tonight. He hires a cab driver to take him around for the entire night. With the LAPD, and the FBI chasing the done, things are getting out of control.

Blood Rage: Grinning, sword-wielding, blind Vietnam vet Hauer whittles up poor gentlemen, spares a baby, and even fights with his mentor in this brash, vigorous although floundered try to Americanize Japanese “Zatoichi” films. Hauer is impeccably cast, and the film is amusingly tongue-in-cheek, however it doesn’t entirely work. Cast includes Rutger Hauer, Terrance Terry O’Quinn, Brandon Hail, Lisa Blount, Charles Cooper, and Rick Overton. (86 minutes, 1990)

Tropic Thunder: Desperate to get more out of his spoiled actors, while filming an epic war Vietnam War film, director Damien Cockburn makes a bold move. He litters the jungle with cameras, plans some diversions, and throws the actors in the jungle on their own to fend for themselves. They think it’s only a movie, but soon the bullets coming at the actors are real.

Those of you looking for file downloads could try a search with “Download Movies Watch”. If a search does not yield a good result, try different searches. See if “Compare Movie Download Sites” gets a better result.

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