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May 10, 2009


The poker industry has had a massive growth in the number of active poker players. From seemingly out of nowhere, the poker world has turned into an impressively strong, and highly profitable industry. Let’s see why people are interested in poker, and for what reasons it has turned into such a popular game.

Why is it that most people enjoy playing or watching poker games? The reasons most people play poker are just a couple of  special things poker offers us. Here are few examples that express why people enjoy playing, and watching poker.

Texas Holdem poker is a cerebral game, that the players are drawn to. Figuring out how to get the other players to make the choices you hope for is what we mean. There is something special about the moments when you make a big call to catch a bluff, or lay down a big hand and find out you made a good fold.

There is luck and skill, and even though this can be frustrating at times, people just love it. People are definitely intrigued by the chance to win huge money. Tournaments with big fields give you this chance. Almost anyone has the ability to become a very good poker player.

Poker is now a mainstream happening. How did this come about? A sequence of three separate things helped poker boom. An invention (the hole card cam), an idea (online poker rooms), and a surprise (Chris Moneymaker wins the 2003 WSOP Main Event) added up to a poker boom.

It begins in 1995 when Henry Orenstein invents a device called the pocket card camera. This device allowed a TV audience, watching coverage of a poker event to see the player’s hidden cards, or “hole cards”, while the play was proceeding. Seeing what the people were betting with made a huge impact on TV viewer interest.

Then, web based poker rooms opened up, and people started playing poker online. Now, everywhere you could get online, is a poker room. Online poker rooms started to grow as more people started playing online.

This little “hole card cam” has people watching poker on TV now. An expanded player base from Internet poker, and an increase in casual watchers due to the “hole card cam” era, are boosting interest. The third event in this sequence triggered a rapid growth for the build up that had already started.

Then an unknown Internet poker player won the world’s premier poker event, shocking everyone. The TV coverage drew a large audience thanks to pocket cam. Now people realized that almost anyone had a chance to win big money at a poker tournament, and poker took off.

Now, poker players are celebrities, and celebrities are poker players. Now, poker has become a big mainstream industry. With the rest of the world catching on, poker continues to grow.

The poker boom is now in full swing. Online poker rooms like Poker Stars, and Party Poker have had huge success, and generate enormous income. Poker seems here for the long haul now, and growth will continue for a while.

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