Dream Maker Spas Are Awakening Our Lives!!

October 16, 2009


Dream Maker Spas is the world’s largest rotationally molded spa manufacturer with 11 unique spa models that incorporate state of the art features without charging state of the art prices. 10 Dream Maker Spa models are 110 volt – 15 amp PLUG-N-PLAY units, which means you can take a Dream Maker Spa home and start enjoying the benefits of hot therapeutic water almost immediately without having to pay an electrician hundreds of dollars to install.

All Dream Maker Spas are made from High Density Polyethylene which combines properties that produce the spa to be both lightweight and durable. All Dream Maker Spas are proud to offer a lifetime warranty on the shell. The manufacturing process also allows all Dream Maker Spas to retail for much less than your standard hot tub without giving up the features such as ozone, LED lights, and waterfalls.

Dream Maker Spas combine technology and great value to produce an entire line of hot tubs that everyone can afford. If you are looking for a spa that is PORTABLE, DURABLE, AND AFFORDABLE then this my friend is what you are looking for.

These hot tubs were designed with one goal in mind: To provide the best 110 volt 15 amp portable spa so that everyone, no matter what income level or size restriction can enjoy warm therapeutic water. In other words… LIVE THE GLORY!


The X-500 SPA


The X-500 SPA from Dream Makers LLC is manufactured to be portable, durable and affordable. AVAILABLE IN TWO COLORS: SANDSTONE AND SILVER State of the art technology is used to create a one-piece totally portable and carefree spa for a fraction of the cost of most hot tubs. Engineered to be a one piece energy efficient portable spa. DreamMaker Spas require only 110v just plug it in and you’re off! Resistant to anything the weather has to offer. There is no wood, metal or vinyl parts to rot, rust or rip. Dream Maker spas use a State of the Art Dual Hot Stick heating system that heats the water without the use of your typical energy guzzling electric heater.

The X-500 along with all other dream maker spas are available through   In The Swim

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