Enjoying a Good Game of Roulette from the Comfort of Your Home or in a Real World Casino

June 22, 2009


Roulette is often said to be the casual casino player’s game of choice. It’s quite easy to walk up to the roulette table and simply place a bet – at the roulette table, no one is typically sitting down, and there is no maximum number of players – so it’s almost as though you’re always welcome at the roulette table. Additionally, it’s an easy-paced casino game that just about anyone can learn the basics of by just watching a few spins.

The game of roulette is a negative expectation one – i.e. over the long run you are expected to lose. Here are a few things you should know in order to at least get better looking odds than anyone else at the roulette table. On American roulette tables, all bets calculate out to the same house edge of 5.25%. The single exception to this rule is the 5-number bet, which has an even worse edge of 7.29%.

How then can you get better odds? Here are a few tips:

1. Keep an eye out for is a rule called ‘surrender’. Surrender is available at many casinos. The rule only applies to outside even money bets, and it doesn’t affect the edge of your whole session. This rule simply cuts your losses in half in the instance of a green pocket hitting. So if you’re betting an even money outside bet and a double zero or zero hits, you only lose half of your bet, not the entire thing. This of course pulls the house edge on outside even money bets down to 2.63%, which is definitely a lot better.

2. Look out for the single zero roulette wheel, i.e. the European roulette wheel. A European roulette wheel has a single zero pocket, and no double zero. There are only a total of 37 pockets left on the wheel, which does cut the casino house edge. This small and subtle shift lowers the house edge on all bets (not just the outside even money ones) to 2.70%. Very very nice.

Hopefully you’ve found our roulette information useful. If you haven’t already done it, you should try playing roulette at your favorite online casino via sites like: Roulette Probability, Roulette Play or Roulette Online Games.

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